Adorable Pixar Shorts for Girls Who Are Still Kids at Heart ...


Adorable Pixar Shorts for Girls Who Are Still Kids at Heart ...
Adorable Pixar Shorts for Girls Who Are Still Kids at Heart ...

I love me my animated movies. I must have watched everything ever made by Disney and Pixar. And so when I discovered short films by Pixar, I was overjoyed. These Pixar Shorts are super fun, sweet, funny and oh so adorable. Here are my favorites.

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Luxo Jr

You know the lamp that bounces in onto the Pixar logo? That’s Luxo Jr. Amongst the earlier shorts by Pixar, Luxo Jr can only be described as adorable and will definitely make you smile!


Day & Night

A beautiful short film with a wonderful concept, Day & Night is absolutely lovely. One of my favorites, I think it’s one of Pixar’s best works.


Tin Toy

A lovely little story from the perspective of a Tin Toy, this Pixar short is funny and adorable. And if you’re a parent to a baby or a toddler, you’ll totally relate to it. Love it!


Geri’s Game

An old man and his chess game. That’s all there is to this charming film. It’s amazing how much you can narrate without words and using just facial expressions. A winner, this Pixar short is.


For the Birds

For the Birds is a funny little animation about a bunch of birds that are, well, bullies. You won’t believe how it ends! Watch it and laugh your head off!


Partly Cloudy

Another one of my absolute favorite Pixar shorts, Partly Cloudy is charming and adorable and simply lovely. Such a beautiful concept, really, that I almost wish it were true! Pure love!



Imagine Driver’s Ed but for aliens. But more funny definitely. Much more. You might wince a little and giggle a lot. Just don’t miss out on watching it!



A magician, his magic hat and a very very hungry rabbit – the perfect recipe for a magic show with a difference. Funny and a lot of fun, Presto is sure to make you laugh!


La Luna

If my kid ever asks me how the moon changes size each day, this is what I’m going to show him. It might not be scientifically correct, but it’s definitely the most beautiful explanation I could ever offer. I love this film oh so much! And so will you!



The first Pixar short film I saw made me fall in love with the whole idea of Pixar shorts. A wonderfully happy and musical film, Boundin’ tells the tale of a sheep and his love for bouncing! Lots of fun, this.

Pixar Shorts just go to show that sometimes you don’t need full-length films to tell a story that is beautiful and charming and funny and adorable. What do you think of these short films? Which ones are your favorites?

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Those are wonderful choices! Let me add one more: "Knick Knack" is about a snowman in a snow globe who wants to flirt with other souvenirs, but of course he can't get out of his globe! Creative & adorable.

I love the one it's at the end of wreck it Ralph and it's black and white and this guy makes all these paper airplanes to get a note across town or something and I forget what it was called now it's gonna kill me

My favorite is The Blue Umbrella, because the first time I saw it, I didn't think it was animation! And I love the song for it so much!

I love the umbrella one and the volcano one

Don't forget 'One Man Band' definitely one of my favourites x

I like the one about the red umbrella;)

I love Disney :)

Lava is my favorite one

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