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11 Movies to Watch for Those Who Need to Encourage a Make-out Sesh ...

By Holly

If you're inviting your crush or boyfriend over for a movie marathon, then you need to pick the right flicks. If you set the mood, then it'll put kissing on his mind. That way, he won't be able to resist leaning in for a smooch or two. If you're not sure how to convince your crush to go in for that kiss, here are a few movies that'll encourage a make-out session:

1 Ghost

You'll be turned on from the very beginning of Ghost, during the famous ceramic scene. Of course, even as the movie goes on, you'll be craving kisses. Why? Because the love that Swayze's character and his wife have is so strong that even his death can't destroy it. It's a sweet way to look at relationships.

2 The Vow

If you're in a serious relationship, then this movie will make you appreciate your partner more than you ever have before. You'll be thankful for every moment you get to spend with them, which means you'll be more than willing to jump on top of them and start kissing them in the middle of this film. After all, you might as well enjoy the moment.

3 Friends with Benefits

This movie has its fair share of sex scenes, which will encourage you to start kissing your partner. Of course, the relationship between Kunis and Timberlake turns out to be about more than just sex. They have a friendship that is unlike any other, a friendship that will encourage you to build a strong bond with your own partner.

4 Before Sunrise

When a woman meets a man on a train in Europe and decides to sleep with him, she knows that it'll probably be the only night that they ever spend together. However, that doesn't stop them from developing a deep connection that'll make you want to smooch your own partner.

5 Hitch

Sometimes comedies can push you to make-out more than romantic movies can. I mean, they're bound to make you laugh, which means you'll both be in a good mood. And what will turn that good mood into a great mood? A little kissing, of course!

6 Silver Linings Playbook

This movie is both cute and funny. It's perfect to watch with your crush, especially if he doesn't realize that you're the perfect match for him yet. When he sees how Bradley gradually warms up to Jennifer, he'll realize that he should be doing the same to you.

7 Titanic

This film is the epitome of romantic, which means it's guaranteed to get you two in the mood. Plus, you've probably seen it one hundred times already, which means you won't miss anything when you start kissing instead of watching the screen.

8 Scream

A scary movie will encourage you to grab on to your boyfriend and hold his hand. Of course, since this movie was made so long ago, it won't actually terrify you so much so that you're no longer in the mood for loving. It strikes the perfect balance.

9 Aladdin

Disney movies are perfect for date night. Aladdin is one of the most romantic films you could choose, because once the magical carpet scene comes on, you'll both be dying for a kiss.

10 Casablanca

Black and white movies aren't all bad. There are some classic ones, like Casablanca, that will keep you entertained. Of course, even if you get bored, it won't matter, because you'll be too busy kissing to look at the screen.

11 Jaws

Jaws is a great "horror" movie to watch if you get scared easily. You can hold your man's hand when the shark is onscreen, but by the end of the movie, more than just your hands will be touching.

Make sure you have your remote on hand, because you'll probably need to pause the video once your make out session goes into full swing. What movies have you made out during?

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