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Do you find chick flicks annoying? So many people think that these romantic comedies are all that women really want to watch, even though we all have varied tastes and like different types of movies. In fact, some of us don't like chick flicks at all. I never watch them, and I'm not alone in disliking the genre. Here's why chick flicks and their stereotypes can be annoying …

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They're Full of Stereotypes

Chick flicks are full of the most annoying stereotypes that don't represent today's women. They make women out to be ditzy, incapable twits who need a man to do everything for them and make their lives complete. The male characters don't always come off too well either, with the likes of 'Guy who won't commit but is irresistible' and 'friend who's too shy to tell her how he feels but is really the man she's meant to be with'.


They're Unimaginative

Another problem with chick flicks is that they're also full of clichés. They depend on there being a happy ending where the heroine finds true love, but with many mishaps along the way. It's basically the same story told over and over again, and it's boring. I want to see something different!


They Assume That Girls Only like 'Girly' Things

Chick flicks also make assumptions about women's tastes. They assume that all of us like 'girly' things, and that we only think about romance and need a man to make our lives complete. There are plenty of females who are not the least bit interested in the things women are supposed to be into, and who would much rather see a fun action flick, a horror movie, or indeed anything but a romantic comedy!


They Don't Show How Varied Women Are

Another annoying thing about these movies is that they don't show just how varied women are. We have different characters, interests and ambitions. Not all of us are obsessed with finding the perfect man. But that is the whole point of chick flicks; to reinforce the message that we need a man to make us happy.


It's All about Romance and Looks

Chick flicks act as if nothing is more important than attracting a man and looking the right way. Again and again, the tomboy is given a makeover and blossoms into a swan, and the career woman discovers that being a mom and homemaker is more important. These movies don't promote choices and doing what is right for you, but make out that appearance and romance are everything.


The Same Story over and over Again

You see the same story over and over again in these movies. The lack of variety is tedious to see. Of course, it's not just chick flicks that are guilty of this - Hollywood does enjoy recycling ideas! - but it's particularly common with this genre. There really aren't that many new ideas in chick flicks.


They're Not Reflective of Women in the 21st Century

Another issue for me is that chick flicks just aren't representative of women in the 21st century. We have options that older generations didn't have, and not all women are interested in finding a partner. It's just one of the things that we can have in our lives, and not always the most important.

Do you agree with me, or do you find chick flicks fun to watch? Are there any that you think are the better examples of the genre?

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blood and suspense

Chick flicks may have many problems and stereotypes but I frickin love them anyway!

Completely agree with this article! Another most annoying cliché is that women who are successful in their careers are failures in love 😒

Who cares!!!

And here I was thinking I was weird for not being interested into these types of movies often!

We cannot just generalize that all chick flicks are like what you've mentioned. Same with other genre, what matters is the story that it intends to convey. :)

@peony blue I think I really liked He's not that Into You because not everyone got the happy ending, the fling didn't last, another couple got divorced, everyone moved on in their own ways - so not everyone got the "happy ending"

@Isabella Rossignuolo you see I saw train wreck and I thought it was dread and I would rather they had followed the typical chick flick formula and during the end when he did that dreadful dance for the doctor I was so annoyed.i wonder why she behave like a bimbo to feel like more like the rat of the gals... She's not that into you was a little better and funny enough it was a little formulaic. They can't help but make these chick flicks so stereotypical I find.

The points in the post are very repetitive indeed, but I do agree, even the term "chick flicks" is derogatory.

Begin Again with Adam Levine and Keira Knightly is so well written I love that movie! And My last day without you with Nicole Behaire and Ken Dunken is equally well written and acted both filmed in NYC and the lead women are strong independent and the soundtracks are phenomenal check out these two flicks you won't be sorry that you did :)

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