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7 Websites That'll Help You Decide What to Watch on Netflix ...

By Holly

When you're bored or sad or tired, you'll probably sit in bed with your laptop to watch Netflix. However, there are so many potential movies and TV shows you can watch that sometimes it's hard to decide which one to put on. You could spend hours scrolling through the site without coming to a decision. That's why these quiz websites will come in handy:

1 What the Hell Should I Watch on Netflix? is the first place you should go when you can't figure out what to watch. The site only asks you two questions, so it won't take long for you to get your suggestion. First, it will ask you to decide if you'd rather watch a show or a movie. Then, it will ask you what genre you'd like to watch. After that, it will give you the name of something random to watch with a little trailer, so you can get a sample of it.

2 The Biggest Decision of Your Week

Even though is a Buzzfeed quiz, this one actually asks you some pretty serious questions. You'll have to decide how many seasons you're willing to commit to, what your favorite genre is, and how often you're intending to watch Netflix. Once you're finished answering all those questions, you'll be given a popular show to start watching.

Jonegiraffe series...

3 Which TV Series Should I Watch Next? will ask you deep questions, like what your favorite drink is and who would take a bullet for you. The quiz might actually make you think, but it'll do all the thinking for you when it comes to choosing which show you should watch on Netflix next.

4 What TV Show Should Should You Watch Next? will ask you seven random questions, like who your favorite One Direction member is and how you like your toast. Even though the questions are quite silly, the results you get can be pretty accurate.

5 TV Shows to Binge Watch is another site that will ask you a series of random questions, like which picture of Kanye you like the best and which nail polish color you usually use. Then it will calculate the best TV show for you. If you don't like your results the first time around, then it won't take long for you to take the quiz again with new answers.

6 Which Show Should You Binge Watch on Netflix? will only ask you eight short questions. You'll have to decide whether you prefer to laugh or cry, whether you love or hate Nicholas Sparks, and whether you're going to watch the show with your boyfriend or your bestie. They're all pretty relevant questions, so you should end up with results that you're actually happy with.

7 Which Netflix Show Should You Be Watching? will ask you what genre you like the best, if you prefer newer shows or older shows, and if you typically binge watch. Then it will give you the best suggestion that it can (and it gives some pretty great suggestions!)

Netflix is the best way to spend your boring evenings, whether you're alone or with friends. As long as you don't waste hours figuring out what to watch, then it's time well spent. What was the last thing that you binge watched on Netflix?

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