21 Movie Dystopias We Wouldn't Want to Live in ...

By Neecey

21 Movie Dystopias We Wouldn't Want to Live in ...

Dystopia has become a popular theme for books and movies in the 21st century. Indeed some of the biggest blockbusters in recent years have been set in dystopian worlds. As fascinated and enthralled we might be the adventures the characters have, I’m sure we’re all glad these worlds are fictional.

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1 The Hunger Games

A world where all the bad people wear obvious makeup whereas all the good people wear skin colored makeup. Maybe it is a world created by L’Oreal and the bad guys get to be impeccably groomed because they are worth it. Just for the commenter/griefers/trolls, the white beardy guy is not impeccably groomed, but he is also not all bad. Plus, the world may be a little nicer if they simply selected jerks that drink soup from a bowl without using a spoon. It’s called cup-a-soup, not bowl-a-soup.
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2 Logan’s Run

A world where only young people are able to exist and where old people are removed from society. It is one way to solve the pension crisis.
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For those who love romantic comedy, French cinema, or just a wealth of charisma on screen, do yourself a favor and indulge in some Gérard Depardieu movies. The iconic French actor, known for his charm and unique acting style, offers a delightful mix of dramatic and comedic performances that are sure to make you say "Oh la la!"

3 Children of Men

Suddenly people are unable to have children. Opinion is divided on whether this is truly a dystopia, though the people in the movie don’t seem to be handling it very well.
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4 Star Trek

Okay, before the comment sections light up, we would all like to live in a world where the federation exists--it is a perfect chunk of space to live in and is hardly Dystopian (An imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible). However, they live under the constant threat of being enslaved by the Borg, blown out of the cosmos by the Cardassians (should I sub in Kardashians here?), Klingons, the Romulans, or even turned into space dust by particle Omega.
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5 The Matrix Trilogy

Spend the entirety of your life in a simulated dream or face reality buried deep underground with a few survivors. The movies are brilliant, but they never really explain the fact that humans cannot survive that low down in the earth…unless they too are actually in a simulation and are dreaming they have escaped (sounds like a pretty good way to isolate an anomaly).
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6 12 Monkeys

Here there is a world where people have to live underground because the world up-top is infected with a nasty disease. Some think this may be close to what actually will kill off humans in the end.
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7 Resident Evil Extinction

A virus has gotten out that kills almost anything, including most plants, and leaves the world filled with survivors, zombies, or zombie animals. How come mosquitoes don’t spread the disease? If so, how could "any" survivors exist outside for the bunkers?
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8 Elysium

We would all like to live on the satellite where you can smoke and drink as much as you like because they can remove your cancer and cook up a new liver for you in minutes, but the real world looks a little stinky.
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9 The Maze Runner

Trapped in a maze all your life? Some say this is the same as life today. Did anybody else notice that they say they cannot climb to the top because the ivy doesn’t go that high, and yet in several shots you can see that it goes all the way to the top?
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10 Divergent

Being stuck in a world separated by races (social commentary much?) doesn’t sound too nice, but at least most of them are pretty…this may be one of the movie dystopias it is worth trying.
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11 Dredd

Chaos and filth are everywhere and the police are only able to police 5% of the total city. There are neighborhoods like that these days, though at least people are still able to have gardens these days whereas they cannot in Dredd.
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12 Waterworld

Maybe you like the idea of floating around for the rest of eternity, but what the hell was that big fish thing that eats him? No thank you! There is already the constant threat of doing a submarine impression without giant fish swimming around.
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13 Robocop (1987)

The great thing about this movie is that the world is already rotten, and Robocop doesn’t fix it. The world stays rotten with just a few less bad guys; it goes against the grain of Hollywood movies.
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14 Serenity

This is one of those dystopias in the movies where the world wouldn’t be that bad if it were not for the monsters living on the outer rims.
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15 Total Recall

In the future there are so many people that human rights and respect go out the window…erm, sounds like a country that exists today?
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16 The Island

[Spoiler Alert] Sure, we would all like a clone of Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson to keep locked in a basement, but farming people is probably not a nice way for society to go.
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17 Minority Report

This may not seem like such a dystopia, but did you see just how much power the government has over people? They see everything and can even force you to be scanned in your home.
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18 Demolition Man

A silly movie from start to finish, but would you really like to live in a world with no kissing or sex? Plus, why do they believe the criminal when he says that the cop blew up the building? Wasn’t the criminal a terrorist known for blowing up things? Moreover, wasn’t the cop known for chasing the bad guy? Who decided to convict the cop?
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19 Running Man

Making a 21 stone muscle machine run is bad enough. This movie has a very rotten feel about it that is eerily similar to the one seen in Robocop.
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20 I Am Legend

A horrible world full of poorly animated CGI monsters. Will Smith showed true acting greatness during the dog scene (you know which one I mean).
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21 Blade Runner

While Orwell’s 1984 might have been the bedrock for dystopia to have a place in modern fiction, arguably, Ridley Scott’s masterpiece brought it to the movies. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Now there’s a question.
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Which would be your nightmare dystopian world?

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No no. I am legend is poor.

Why are dystopias always so pessimistic?

'The Road' is a pretty pessimistic on look at the future, with a struggling society ridden with cannibalism and little life left. I've read the book and watched the movie, and both were good :)

CloverField was a good movie also

I love this genre

Love this list we should have one for books (also you should of put the giver in there)

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