7 Thanksgiving Movies to Watch before Your Big Feast ...

By Holly

7 Thanksgiving Movies to Watch before Your Big Feast ...

Turn those Christmas movies off! Thanksgiving is the next holiday, which is why you should listen to Good Housekeeping and watch Thanksgiving movies instead. Here are some of the best ones to get you in the mood for all that turkey you're going to eat:

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1 The Blind Side

Isn't football the first thing you think about when you picture Thanksgiving?

2 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown has a perfect movie for every holiday.

As a modern woman, it's important to appreciate your me-time. A great way to enjoy this is by diving into entertaining movies and shows. If you're ever wondering what to watch on netflix, this link has got you covered! Feel good, stay in, and enjoy your leisure to the fullest.

3 A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving

You don't have to be a child to enjoy this movie!

4 Plains, Trains & Automobiles

This is a classic movie you need to see as soon as you can.

5 Hannah and Her Sisters

This is from all the way back in 1986, but you should still find it entertaining today.

6 Dutch

This one will definitely make you laugh!

7 National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion

You've heard of these movies, and for good reason.

Which one of these movies is your favorite?

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Love Charlie Brown & Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and Charlie Brown DEFINITELY!!!👍👍👍 My nine month old will love it... Our first thanksgiving How exciting!!!

Don’t forget Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr. Best Thanksgiving movie ever!

I love the blind side it's so touching

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