21 Classics to Watch on Netflix with Your Bae ...

By Heather

21 Classics  to Watch on Netflix  with Your Bae  ...

Fall is the season to really hunker down on the cold, rainy nights with you bae and watch some classics! If you girls are like me, you have no idea what to watch and end up scrolling for an hour through Netflix trying to find the perfect movie. Look no more, I got the best list of classic movies for you and your bae to watch!

Table of contents:

  1. dirty dancing
  2. jerry maguire
  3. pretty in pink
  4. amelie
  5. chasing amy
  6. moonrise kingdom
  7. eternal sunshine on a spotless mind
  8. bridget jones's diary
  9. my best friend's wedding
  10. ghost
  11. they came together
  12. adventureland
  13. i hate valentine's day
  14. grease
  15. two week notice
  16. the great gatsby
  17. breakfast at tiffany's
  18. 50 first dates
  19. love actually
  20. brokeback mountain
  21. say anything

1 Dirty Dancing

Who HASN'T seen this classic?

2 Jerry Maguire

You both will love this one!

3 Pretty in Pink

So … I hate 80s movies, but I LOVE this movie!

4 Amelie

This whimsical classic isn't for everyone, but I loved it!

5 Chasing Amy

A Kevin Smith classic!

6 Moonrise Kingdom

Newer movie, but definitely one you should check out!

7 Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind

Who doesn't love this movie? It was a little-budget classic.

8 Bridget Jones's Diary

Seriously ladies, this is one of the greatest movies out there!

9 My Best Friend's Wedding

Oh, how I love this movie.

10 Ghost

It's got a little murder in it, your bae will love it!

11 They Came Together

This movie is so, so funny and it's sarcastic too!

12 Adventureland

Where can you go wrong with Kristen Wiig and Jesse Eisdenberg?

13 I Hate Valentine's Day

I love John Corbett and Nia Vardalos in this epic movie!

14 Grease

Yes, guys love this musicial too!

15 Two Week Notice

This is absolutely one of my favorite rom-coms!

16 The Great Gatsby

Either the original or the remake, they are both great!

17 Breakfast at Tiffany's

You know I had to include this classic on there right?

18 50 First Dates

This is definitely one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies!

19 Love Actually

What list would be complete without this one?

20 Brokeback Mountain

This heartbreaking love movie is my absolute fave!

21 Say Anything

An 80s classic that everyone should have seen!

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