Feel Classy by Watching These 7 Old Movies Set in Rome ...

By Holly

Do you love old movies? Then you're going to love these classics set in Rome. According to Elle, the women in these films are dressed stylishly, so make sure you pay attention to their outfits as much as the plot.

1 Roman Holiday

You can't go wrong when watching a movie starring Audrey Hepburn.

2 La Dolce Vita

According to IMDB, this is "A series of stories following a week in the life of a philandering paparazzo journalist living in Rome."

3 Mama Roma

This is a fascinating movie about prostitution.

4 Light in the Piazza

This was a famous novel before it became a famous movie.

5 Gidget Goes to Rome

If you've never seen Gidget before, you need to watch this movie.

6 L'eclisse

"A young woman meets a vital young man, but their love affair is doomed because of the man's materialistic nature."

7 Three Coins in the Fountain

If you love romance, you'll love this movie.

Have you seen any of these films?

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