Star Wars Memes to Get You in the Mood for the New Movie ...


Star Wars Memes to Get You in the Mood for the New Movie ...
Star Wars Memes to Get You in the Mood for the New Movie ...

As if Star Wars wasn't already iconic, the reboot of the franchise (since George Lucas sold it to Disney) keeps the excitement alive. While The Force Awakens continues the saga we know so well, there are also offshoots and standalones coming our way. The first is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a movie which where Darth Vader reappears to chill our bones again. Read these memes, you must. In the mood for the new movie, you will be.

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Just Call Him Daddy

Just Call Him Daddy Call me crazy, but I think “Call Me Maybe” was practically made to be a Star Wars parody. Be honest, can you see Vader getting down to that on the sly? (Because I can't.)


He Will Survive

He Will Survive This is … actually hilarious. And when you think about it, the song kind of works here, doesn't it?


Sad Storm Trooper is Sad

Sad Storm Trooper is Sad That actually really is a bitch, innit? Poor guys.


The Perfect Social Media Meme

The Perfect Social Media Meme When someone starts getting salty with you on Facebook or Twitter because of your opinion, your political views, your taste, your size – anything – just send them this. It might not shut down the argument, but your audience will get a laugh.


That's Not a Burn

That's Not a Burn That is cute, as a matter of fact. In case anyone needs to be reminded, Vader always wins, even when he loses.


An Entirely Different Story...

An Entirely Different Story... Call me crazy, but I now think Grumpy Cat should be superimposed over Darth Vader in every movie.


I Know

I Know Ladies, if ever you are in a position where someone says they love you and you have no idea what to say in return because you are so not ready to go there, just use this instead.


R2D2 Was Such a Bleepin' Bleep...

R2D2 Was Such a Bleepin' Bleep... This one's old but it's so good. Okay, it's not good, it's kind of dumb, but isn't that what makes it funny? Isn't that why we laugh? No? Well, bleep you then.


When Star Wars Meets CSI

When Star Wars Meets CSI I legit laughed. I don't know why I find CSI memes so funny, I didn't even like CSI: Miami that much. YEEEAAAHHH.


All about That Base

All about That Base HAHAHAHAHA. 10/10, would crowdfund this song.


Jabba Gets Denied

Jabba Gets Denied You know, Princess Leia loves almost everybody. If Princess Leia doesn't love you, you probably suck.


The Storm Trooper Reality

The Storm Trooper Reality They also can't shoot. Did you know that?


Not the Younglings!

Not the Younglings! Seriously. Does it have the be all the younglings?


Lightsaber by IKEA

Lightsaber by IKEA I'm honestly thankful you don't need Jar Jar to put together the Litsabbur. Like assembling crap from IKEA isn't hard enough without some obnoxious Gungan screeching, “Dat's harden!” Speaking of which...


It's Not Cuten

It's Not Cuten It's not. It will never be cuten. Go away, Jar Jar, nobody likes you.


Nyan Vader

Nyan Vader THIS IS CUTE.


The Trandoshan's the Boss

The Trandoshan's the Boss This is something you just don't argue with, ever. Don't. Just agree. The bounty hunter is always the boss.


Scumbag Han

Scumbag Han Don't go out with Scumbag Han. He's better off … solo.


A Shot of Burn



Luke Sort of Deserved to Get His Hand Cut off

Luke Sort of Deserved to Get His Hand Cut off Yeah. I said it. I'll say it again, too. Luke was asking to get maimed.


Star Wars Meets Star Trek

Star Wars Meets Star Trek Okay, but I couldn't resist. I know, I know, Storm Troopers are really bad shots, but in Star Trek, the guys in the red shirts almost always die! Get it?! (Actually, seriously, this one's just for my dad. GET IT, DAD?)


Skywalkers Are Careless

Milwaukee Braves, human action, text, font, banner, Who is next we wonder?


No Doubt

Lego Star Wars, screenshot, iiwonnanstalk, ltstrue,, all, The force is real. Did you ever doubt?


So Long to Wait

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Lobster Guy, cartoon, comics, poster, Don't give in to the wait. Wait leaves to pain and suffering. Wait leads to the Dark Side.


Fitness Girl, presentation, AFTER, THE, DIZZY, But the Force awakened him and now he's in galactic rehab.


Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Here, font, advertising, brand, presentation, Everyone in the galaxy wants in on the new movies.


You Can't Handle the Truth

Facebook, image, mouth, brand, screenshot, Oh dear, got my movie quotes mixed up, but well, you know ...


Poor Planning

Warn, WHY, DID, STAR, WARS, Personally, I don't mind if they make episodes 0, 0.5, 0.75 - let's see more about eh coming to being of Count Dooku and the evolution of Darth Sidious!

And now you're in the mood, here's the trailer for Rogue One to ramp up the excitement and anticipation.

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Omg next Wednesday midnight for me squeeee! I started a marathon with my man the other day and part 2 coming up this weekend before the new movie yaya!!

Got my tickets already!

Can't wait

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