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The Best Thanksgiving Movies for People Who Need to Get in the Mood ...

By Lyndsie

Thanksgiving is the best time 🕡 in the world 🌏 to watch ⌚ movies, you'll be stuffed with good 👍 food, surrounded by your family. I have some staple movies 🎥 that I watch ⌚ every single 1️⃣ Thanksgiving and they are a tradition. Movies 🎥 bring people 🚸 together, so let's break out the popcorn and settle in!

1 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Of course, I had to include this one 1️⃣ on 🔛 the list. It is a classic and absolutely one 1️⃣ of the best Thanksgiving films out there. Want a film 🎥 for everyone? This is it!

2 Pieces of April

This is a 2003 classic that is all about Thanksgiving. You know New 🆕 York City 🌃 and the small apartments there and it makes a really interesting backdrop for this particular movie. It is quirky, it is funny 😂 and it is absolutely emotionally satisfying.

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3 Son-in-Law

I know, I know, it's a Pauly Shore movie. However, hear 🔉 me out, this is a movie 🎥 that is not only fantastic but it's a tradition 👘 that I watch ⌚ it every single 1️⃣ Thanksgiving. If you haven't seen it, go, see it now. No, really, I'll wait.

4 Grumpy 😡 Old Men

This is another movie 🎥 that is one 1️⃣ of my favorites. Not just this one 1️⃣ but part two 2️⃣ as well. I love 💑 the men, I love 👬 the dynamic, I love ❤️ the grumpiness of it all. You'll love 💛 it too!

5 You've Got Mail

Who doesn't love 💛 You've Got Mail 📭 and little Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? This one 1️⃣ is such a transport 🚕 back 🔙 to AOL and that trademark ™️ 'You've Got Mail' voice 🎤 (which you just did in your head 👦🏽 right?).

6 Funny 😂 People

This movie 🎥 is all about an up 👆 and coming stand-up comedian who currently works at a deli and yet, still can't figure 🔷 out how to take 🎬 off. He hires an assistant and the rest is history!

7 The Blind 🙈 Side

The Blind 🙈 Side doesn't necessarily focus in on 🔛 Thanksgiving specifically, however it is about a football ⚽ star ✳️ and that is sorta Thanksgiving, right? This is one 1️⃣ of my wife's favorite movies, especially when it comes to the holidays.

8 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

All they want to do is get home! It's another oldie but another goodie. It's a movie 🎥 that you'll want to see over and over again, no 🙅 matter what!

9 Alice's Restaurant

Yes, this is an older movie 🎥 but it is still a goodie. At the middle of the movie 🎥 is all about Thanksgiving. Guthrie visits his friend Alice and he offers to take 🎬 her trash 🚮 out and when he encounters a landfill that's closed, that's where it all starts.

10 Home 🏡 for the Holidays

This is one 1️⃣ of the most classic Thanksgiving movies 🎦 out there. It is how all of us feel when we are traveling 🚉 home 👨‍👩‍👧 for the holidays. It takes every single 1️⃣ bit of that stress 😓 and places it in a movie.

11 What's Cooking?

This movie 🎥 is all about family, all about ethnic food 🍯 and all about Thanksgiving and family 👩‍👩‍👦 coming together. You'll love 💚 it, especially right ☑️ around the holidays!

12 Sweet 🍭 November

While I am not a huge fan of this movie, it is still one 1️⃣ of my wife's favorite. It's one 1️⃣ of those movies 🎥 that you'll love ❤️ or hate. You have 30 days with someone, just 30 days, what happens?

So, now that you've seen my list, what are some of the other movies 🎥 that you watch during Thanksgiving? Share with us!

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