6 Lesser Known πŸ€” Horror Movies πŸŽ₯ Every πŸ’― Horror Addict 😱 Will Love πŸ–€ ...

Are you addicted to horror movies? Well, so am I! Since we're on the same page, I want to share some lesser known horror movies that you simply have to see. Before I list my favorite movies, here’s a little sneak peek about the benefits of watching horror movies. These scary films improve health by increasing brain activity, strengthening the immune system, burning calories and releasing stress, which are all beneficial for your health. Sounds awesome, right? Check out the following six lesser known horror movies that I highly recommend.

1. Annabelle 2

Parents, Sam and Esther and their daughter Bee, were having a wonderful life, but an unexpected awful car accident resulted in the death of Bee. After 12 years, the parents open their home to a nun and several orphaned girls. The story is about Bee's demon, who wants to take the souls of the little girls. If you want one of the best lesser known horror movies, this is on the one.