5 Outstanding Movies to Watch with Friends on Halloween ...


5 Outstanding Movies to Watch with Friends on Halloween ...
5 Outstanding Movies to Watch with Friends on Halloween ...

Too old for trick-or-treating? Not the type to go to parties or haunted houses? No matter your situation on Halloween, you can always get into the spirit through movies. And what’s better than watching movies with some of your friends. So what are the best movies to watch with friends on Halloween?

There are many great movies that are scary or have a Halloween theme for the spooky holiday. But there are certain flicks meant to be watched in groups. Here are the five best movies to watch with friends on Halloween.

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Hocus Pocus

With a whole generation obsessed with this movie, it is a requirement to watch every Halloween. And it is not hard to miss as it is constantly aired on TV through October. This is definitely one of the best movies to watch with friends on Halloween this year.



For a movie marathon with friends, you have to have some Tim Burton in the line-up. "Beetlejuice" is a classic that is still popular today, even though it is 29-years-old! It is an easy-to-watch film with fun music and you'll love it.


The Conjuring

On the more spooky side, "The Conjuring" is a good way to scare some friends for the evening. When it comes to groups, picking a horror movie is tough as some people can’t handle the blood and gore in this genre. "The Conjuring" is still a serious horror film that doesn’t rely on gore.


The Mummy

The one with Brendan Fraser, of course. This fun action-adventure is perfect if you want to enjoy a film with a classic Halloween monster. Soon you’ll be planning a trip to Egypt with your friends to explore its ancient ruins and fight off some mummies. A pyramid-themed Escape Room also helps.



A Halloween movie marathon wouldn’t be complete without a slasher film. Even though there is blood and some gore, it is minimal compared to some and it being more satirical than horror alleviates the violence for your friends with weak stomachs.

So plan a marathon with these films and don’t forget to have enough candy - mostly chocolate. Happy Halloween!

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