Movies Trilogies 🎞 That Should've Stopped πŸ– after Two ✌️ ...

There are several movie trilogies that should have stopped after two installments. When a movie becomes successful at the box office and with fans and critics, it is natural for a sequel to occur. Sequels are fifty-fifty when it comes to replicating the same success that the first movie did. When it does succeed, the studio and creators want to make a third movie to capture that lightning in a bottle success. That’s where the franchise usually runs into trouble. It begins to suffer from sequelitis. Most of these are either retcons, the writers are running out of ideas, or just straight up cash grabs. It’s rare that the third movie is just as good as the first two. The studios should have either stopped at one or two. Here are four movie trilogies that should have stopped after two installments.

1. Godfather

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This is practically Francis Ford Coppola’s most famous work. The first movie was spectacular. The trilogy follows an Italian mob family through the years in upstate New York. Everything about the first movie is iconic from the opening speech in the beginning to the final shot of Kay looking at the camera as the door closes. The Godfather received critical acclaim and made back its money at the box office. The Godfather Part II shared the same success even though it left some viewers wondering, β€œWhy am I watching this?” The Godfather Part III was a mess. For starters, Coppola cast his daughter, Sophia, as Michael Corleone’s daughter. This girl could not act. Wynona Ryder should’ve gotten this part. This whole movie felt rather pointless and the ending was just dumb. According to the special about the movies in the History channel, the third movie was all the studio’s idea. Looking at The Godfather Part III, it is easy to see why that the AMC only shows the first two all the way.

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