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Looking for some movies that teach leadership? Movies are definitely for entertainment but seldom are there qualities that we can learn. Not all we watch is fiction, it’s often reality. We just need to observe, watch, and learn. There are a few movies that repeatedly help to correlate the practices required to be an able professional and a leader via the storyline, characters, and the dialogues. Thus, I'm presenting to you a few inspiring excerpts and quotes from three different and interesting movies. These movies are not only a big source of entertainment but the learning can also be implemented in the most innovative manner. So what are you waiting for…watch these movies that teach leadership.

1. "the Walk" (2015)

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"Why do you risk death? For me, this is life."
We ought to take a chance, a risk, and follow the right path with utmost confidence and skill to achieve our goal.

"I never say the word ‘death’. I use the opposite word ‘life’."
Be optimistic and look at the brighter side of life. Work toward making it better and brighter.

"I would never invade the space of another artist"
Respect others.

"Most walkers die in the final three steps. They think they have arrived. They get arrogant and die."

Never be overconfident and arrogant. To achieve our goal, we must be a good finisher who completes the task at hand to completion with excellence.

"It’s impossible but I’ll do it."
Be ready to overcome the challenges and achieve the "so-called" impossible.

"Your accomplices. You owe them a simple ‘thank you.'" It feels good to be appreciated. A simple "thank you" can make a huge difference in our team.

"One foot on the building. One foot on the wire. The outside world disappears."
We must have a great focus. Be oblivious to the entire world to channel your energy, time, and skill on a single task or milestone at a time.

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