25 Movies to Get You in the Mood for Fall ...


25 Movies to Get You in the Mood  for Fall ...
25 Movies to Get You in the Mood  for Fall ...

The fall is a season that, whilst being beautiful and picturesque, doesn’t always have a lot of media that is immediately associated with it. There are tonnes of movies that instantly evoke summer, and of course, an entire library worth of Christmas themed films, but what about the time in between? Here are 25 movies that will get you in the mood for fall!

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You’ve Got Mail

When I think about falling leaves and seasonal comfort, for some reason my mind always goes to this wonderful rom-com starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks!


Practical Magic

The best part of fall is Halloween, y’all! Practical Magic isn’t necessarily October based, but it is delightfully witchy and stars some of your faves.


The Village

If you want a good scare but also enjoy some autumnal beauty on the screen, then The Village is the one for you.


Love Story

Reason it reminds us of fall: College, fall semester at Harvard, and plaid skirts.


Silver Linings Playbook

This Oscar-winning flick has all the traditional fall elements. Halloween, back to school chat, and football!



This right here is a stone cold holiday classic. If it’s not already a Halloween tradition for you, it’s about to become one!



In terms of characters that embody the whimsical, sort of desperate nature of the the fall, you can’t get much more ‘fally’ than Max Fischer in Rushmore!


Garden State

This is a cosy indie flick that screams the fall, starring Zach Braff and Natalie Portman who is amazing any time of the year!


Fantastic Mr. Fox

The entire palette for Wes Anderson’s whimsical animated adventure just screams autumn. Go see for yourself!


Hocus Pocus

In my opinion, probably the greatest Halloween themed film of all time! What more do you need than Bette Midler playing the coolest witch ever!


When Harry Met Sally

Why is this an autumn movies? The walks under fall leaves in Central Park and Meg Ryan's blazers and hats, of course.


Dan in Real Life

This is a really cosy autumnal movie set in Rhode Island in the fall. It will provide you with all the seasonal cuteness you need.



There is something about the colour scheme and the sweaters that makes Stepmom a real fall movie, even to the colour of Susan Sarandon’s hair!


Edward Scissorhands

Back to the creepy side of the season, Edward Scissorhands is arguably Tim Burton’s best movie ever.


Fly Away Home

Ducks flying south for winter, the beauty of the autumnal wilderness.


Remember the Titans

If football is what makes you dream of autumn, then you will feel right at home watching the tearjerker Remember The Titans!


The Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton strikes again! Watch this and you can have the age-old debate of is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?


Mystic Pizza

Another appearance for Julia Roberts on the list. This is one of her earliest movies, definitely one to enjoy on an autumn evening.


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The classic fall themes of Thanksgiving, coats, and holiday travel.


Young Frankenstein

Some more supernatural fun, not only is that a great movie for around Halloween, but it might just end up being one of your new all-time faves.


Sleepy Hollow

Johnny Depp is at his best in creepy movies, and they don’t come much creepier than Sleep Hollow!


The Blind Side

Another football-themed movie that will have the entire household in tears by the end of events!


The Craft

An amazing teen movie about high school witches that will have you wishing you could cast a spell or two!


The Others

The Others is a perfect pick for a PG-13 movie that is still scary enough to get everyone in the mood for Halloween.


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Who doesn't want to be reminded of how much we loved fall when we we're a kid? Settle in for a movie marathon by watching this followed by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

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