8 Turkish Tv Shows to Watch That Are so Good You Won't Mind Subtitles ...


8 Turkish Tv Shows to Watch That Are so Good You Won't Mind Subtitles ...
8 Turkish Tv Shows to Watch That Are so Good You Won't Mind Subtitles ...

Have you ever watched Turkish TV shows? Years ago, I never thought I could ever be suggesting this to anyone, but I reconsidered, and I never regretted doing so. So here are the top 8 Turkish TV shows you should watch, they will touch your emotions, and you will be forever obsessed as I’m. You won't regret it.

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This is my favorite TV show ever, and my number one of the many Turkish TV shows. It's about an endless love between two people who refuse to let go of each other, even though years have gone by. They have so many obstacles, but in the end, they keep coming back to each other, they keep finding each other, it's just amazing, and it made me cry, check this out!! 😍😍


The chemistry between the characters is sizzling, their journey ridden with heartache and joy. Kemal and Nihan, the protagonists, are the epitome of star-crossed lovers, with a story that dives deep into the complexities of human emotions. It's a rollercoaster of feelings that you cannot escape. Even with the cultural differences, you'll find yourself relating to their trials and triumphs. Kara Sevda is more than just a series; it's a beautiful experience that embodies the power of love against all odds. Trust me, grab your tissues; you're in for an emotional voyage.



This one is about love too, and it has comedy and sad moments. A girl finished university, and she has to find a job, or she'll have to go back to her village, which she doesn't want to. After trying to find a job she pretended to be some other girl and she got a job. There she will meet her love. And the story begins…


In this whirlwind of a series, the protagonist, Hayat, is a vibrant and tenacious young woman whose determination lands her in a bout of hilarious misunderstandings. She's gutsy, yet her innocence often leads to heartwarming moments as viewers root for her success against all odds. Amidst the company's backdrop—drenched in style and business intrigue—Hayat finds herself entangled with the handsome and somewhat arrogant Murat, the company's heir. With a vibrant Istanbul setting, this show combines cultural flair with universal themes of love, ambition, and the timeless charm of serendipity. The chemistry between the leads adds an extra layer of delicious unpredictability to the narrative.



This story follows a boy whose mom was murdered by his father, who turned out to be not his real father. Someone took care of him and he spent his life traveling in a boat. One day they had to land in Istanbul, but he didn't want to, after being convinced, he started finding out the truth about his life. And he met a girl who he fell in love with, but her father doesn't want her near him because of what he knows.



A woman hired a girl to be his nephew's assistant and to make him fall in love with her because her nephew had a cold and hard attitude. So, he falls in love with her slowly and the story begins, it's also amazing.


Kiralik Ask is a Turkish television series that aired on Star TV from June 2015 to July 2017. It stars Elçin Sangu as Reyyan and Çağatay Ulusoy as Ömer. The show follows Reyyan, a young woman who is hired to be the assistant of Ömer, a cold and distant man. As time passes, Ömer slowly falls in love with Reyyan, and the two begin a passionate romance. The series was extremely popular in Turkey and was praised for its compelling storyline and strong performances from its cast. It has also gained a large international following and is widely considered one of the best Turkish television series of all time.



Follows a single woman with 3 teen daughters. They're story began the moment they moved from their small village to the big city. So many things to discover.



Follows the historical events of the great sultan. The events are amazing. You just have to watch. The costumes and dresses are glorious.



Now this tv show takes place after Kara Sevda and it is similar to it, but the story is kind of evolving. You should watch this and find out how the story begins, but I guarantee you, addiction is your new normal. And you will love the headline and shed some tears. But it’s worth your time.


"Siyah Inci" weaves an intricate tale of love and betrayal, capturing your heart from the very first episode. The chemistry between the leads is electric, keeping you on the edge of your seat, rooting for them despite the obstacles they face. It's impressive how the show balances intense drama with tender moments, ensuring your emotional investment pays off. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as each chapter unfolds, further entangling characters in a beautifully crafted narrative that's as dark and mysterious as the name suggests. It's a must-watch for anyone craving romance laced with a touch of suspense.



This is the last one on the list. It’s a comedy tv show, drama and love story. The story is about a family of 6 members, their mom abandoned them, and their father is a drunk that comes home only at night. No one cares about them except for their eldest sister. She gave up education so that her siblings may have a good life, she works and takes care of them. And then she met a guy. And the story begins.

I hope I didn't forget anything. I fell in love with these TV shows. And you can find them with English subs, enjoy.

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