Great Movies to Watch when Your Day Sucks ...


Great Movies to Watch when Your Day Sucks ...
Great Movies to Watch when Your Day Sucks ...

Did you ever have one of those days that just went horribly wrong? Knowing which movies to watch when your day sucks can really help.

After a day like that, all you want to do is go home, get comfy on the couch, and escape into entertainment while enjoying a guilty pleasure snack. Some of you like to escape into books or music but if you’re like me your source is movies. We all have staple movies that we know will cheer us up every time. So here is a list of movies to watch when your day sucks.

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Dumb and Dumber

This is my favorite comedy and Jim Carrey is an excellent comedian to cheer you up. This goofy, buddy comedy is a definite must-see, even just once. This is definitely one of my favorite movies to watch when your day sucks.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

This film is a bit more of an acquired taste, but I watched it not too long ago and it got me laughing. Just keep in mind not to take it too seriously.


The Princess Bride

When I was 8 or 9 years old, my parents got me the DVD as a Christmas gift even though I had never seen it. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled about the gift, but then I watched it the next day. I fell in love with the film. For the next few months, I would watch it every day after school. I always hated school and the movie was a great way to recover. Please watch!


Napoleon Dynamite

Oddly enough, I hated this movie when I saw it in theaters. I was just 10 and thought “What the hell was that?” It was so different from other movies I’ve seen. But then my dad bought the DVD a year later, which confused me because I remember him not liking the film either. So we watched it again and I couldn’t stop laughing. Why the change? I guess I had a better idea of what to expect this time in terms of film style. If you do decide to watch this movie and you don’t enjoy it the first time, give it a second chance.


Miss Congeniality

My family and I enjoy this flick time and time again. Sandra Bullock and Michael Caine should do more work together as their interactions with each other are great.


The Wedding Singer

This is one of the few good Adam Sandler movies out there. It’s a nice romantic comedy with more subtle Sandler humor.


Legally Blonde

If you’re in the mood for female empowerment, this classic Reese Witherspoon film is a good choice as she tears apart the silly stereotype of dumb blondes.


Shanghai Noon

Jackie Chan’s comedic form of martial arts and Owen Wilson’s mellow humor can certainly bring a laugh.


Back to the Future

Want some sci-fi? "Back to the Future" is a fun one to watch while getting some 80s and 50s nostalgia.


Rocket Man

I wanted to include a Disney film on the list but most Disney films have tearjerker moments. Of my favorite ones, this is the only one that didn’t have such scenes. It cracks me up every time and everyone in my family still quotes from the film.


The Goonies

I couldn't leave out a film where the main characters are kids. With great, memorable characters and a feel-good ending, this movie is a good way to end your day.

I have other movies I enjoy but my criteria for this list were movies with the least amount of sadness and ones I believe others would like as well. Please check some of these out and don’t forget to add suggestions in the comments.

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