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Best Romantic Movies for Valentines Day Part 2 of 2 ...

By Emily

Looking for the best romantic movies for Valentine's Day?
Want to have a relaxing date night for Valentine’s Day at home with your man? Then you are probably thinking of including a fun, romantic movie to watch for the evening. If you are having trouble deciding on a movie that you would both enjoy, then here is a list of some great movie suggestions. For your information, this is the second part of the movie list so make sure to see the first part if you do not agree with any of the choices in this section. But I hope that you do agree with the selections and will enjoy watching these films. Also, please leave in the comments some other movie suggestions and, to make things fun, please write either “Netflix and Chill” or “Fine and Dine” to say whether you like to go out or stay at home for Valentine’s Day. If you can’t decide, just write “in and out”. So continue reading for the best romantic movies for Valentine's Day.

Table of contents:

  1. My big fat greek wedding
  2. Overboard
  3. Return to me
  4. Shallow hal
  5. Silver linings playbook
  6. Step up
  7. The princess bride
  8. The proposal
  9. The wedding singer

1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2 Overboard

3 Return to Me

4 Shallow Hal

5 Silver Linings Playbook

6 Step up

7 The Princess Bride

8 The Proposal

9 The Wedding Singer

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