6 of the Best Animal Movies to Watch with Your Kids ...


6 of the Best Animal Movies to Watch with Your Kids ...
6 of the Best Animal Movies to Watch with Your Kids ...

Every parent must endure watching kid films during the first 10 years of their child’s life. Are you looking for the best animal movies to watch with your kids? The majority of kid films today are all animated, usually with animal characters. To keep the theme of animals, but to get away from animation, here are the best animal movies to watch with your kids.

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Based on a true story, this movie is about an orphaned seal taken in by a family in Maine. It has a lot of funny moments, the little girl is cute, and it has plenty of real-life struggles. This is one of the best animal movies to watch with your kids!


Air Bud

When I mention "Air Bud," I am only suggesting to watch the first movie. Because of it being a successful kids movie, the studio made a bunch of sequels that decreased in quality with each film. The idea of a dog playing basketball is silly but in this film, it is more fun as the more serious topics like abusive animal owners balance the story.


Operation Dumbo Drop

Another true story on this list. To help your kids ease into the concept of war, this movie is the right choice as it is about American soldiers delivering an elephant to a village in Vietnam so the village will allow them to use it as an outpost for spying.


Marley and Me

With Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston starring in the film, it has to be decent. Based on a book about the author’s dog, this movie is fun and feels so authentic. Warning: this is the saddest movie on this list as it is the only one that brought me tears when I first saw it.



Like "Air Bud," you only need to watch the first movie, as the sequels became silly. The film is entertaining with all the tension between the neat and tidy father and the big and messy dog. Also, it is very touching as the dog helps each of the three children with their insecurities.


Mighty Joe Young

This movie is the kid equivalent of King Kong. The film touches topics like poaching and animal captivity but still has its light nature from the gorilla’s (Joe) dislike of Bill Paxton’s character and his love for Charlize Theron’s character, who is Joe’s caretaker.

Please don’t hesitate to mention in the comments other films that would be great for this list. Hope you and your kids enjoy them together.

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