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The 6 Best Netflix Shows to Watch on Your Lunch Break ...

By Katlyn

Here are the best Netflix shows to watch on your lunch break.

If you’re like me, you’re counting the minutes until your lunch break. I love to catch some Netflix on my break, and here are 6 Netflix shows to watch on your lunch break that will make the rest of the day so much better.

1 The Office (US)

A hilarious workplace comedy. Nothing is better than Michael Scott’s crazy antics and some swoon-worthy Jim Halpert at lunch time! This is my favorite of the many Netflix shows to watch on your lunch break.

2 Parks and Recreation

This is another amazing workplace comedy with a similar humor to that of The Office. If you need some motivation, Leslie Knope may be the exact prescription.


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3 The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is a Netflix original, and it is amazing! It’s perfect for the day that you need a little extra pep in your step, because Kimmy’s bright and positive attitude will change your outlook.


They’ll be there for you! The ultimate 90’s sitcom is just as hilarious, and maybe even more relatable, twenty years later.

5 New Girl

Jess Day is the girl all of us want to have as a friend, or who we want to be. Whenever I watch the show for a few minutes, my life is brightened by her quirky self.

6 How I Met Your Mother

If you haven’t seen this hilarious show, binge watch it quick, as it’s leaving Netflix next month! It’s chock full of non-stop laughs, and a few tears too.

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