The Top 8 Rom-Coms to Binge Watch This Holiday Season ...


The Top 8 Rom-Coms to Binge Watch This Holiday Season ...
The Top 8 Rom-Coms to Binge Watch This Holiday Season ...

Looking for some romcoms to watch during the holidays?
Coupled up or not, there's nothing like enjoying great romantic comedies. Not too many good ones are popping up in theaters lately, so here's a list of the best romcoms to watch during the holidays.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

It’s basically all ‘chick flick’ clichés wrapped into one movie. Everything is so over the top that it gets away with it. And, it places Sixpence None The Richer’s, "Kiss Me" at an ideal time. And, Kate Hudson looks stunning in this, as per usual. This is one of my favorite romcoms to watch during the holiday season.


Never Been Kissed

Any movie involving Shakespeare is amazing. Drew Barrymore is phenomenal as an adult that goes back to high school to write a kick-ass article for her newspaper. Anything for a story, right? Plus, she meets the cutest English teacher ever.


Two Weeks Notice

Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are pure magic in this movie. Spending a ridiculous amount of time with anyone causes some sort of attachment. Lucy and George have nothing in common except that they need each other. All the time. Such a classic romantic comedy.


The Proposal

Another great one with the great Sandra Bullock. Blackmail, the threat of deportation, marriage for a green card, and falling in love - basically all the ingredients for a great romcom.


When Harry Met Sally

Harry thinks a man and woman can never just be friends. And he’s right, sort of. Right? Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks work their magic in this one.


Sleepless in Seattle

Tom and Meg, the dynamic duo, at it again with this one. This movie basically approves of and encourages stalking. Too bad Facebook wasn't around back then - it would've made things much easier, but where would the fun be in that?


My Best Friend’s Wedding

While it's your typical romcom set-up, its not your typical ending and it works! Aside from Julia Roberts, the cherry on top of this movie was the musical number.


Pretty Woman

This story can never, ever happen again. The hooker with the heart of gold is a one-time deal. This movie is pretty awesome. And it doesn’t matter how much of a feminist a girl is, every girl wants to be ‘Cindafuckin’rella’.

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True.. i also binge on stranger things

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