5 Super Scary Movie Moments That Will Haunt You Forever ...


5 Super Scary Movie Moments That Will Haunt You Forever ...
5 Super Scary Movie Moments That Will Haunt You Forever ...

Halloween is coming up and that means you need some scary movie moments. If you’re thinking of what to do, think no more. Scary movies are always fun to watch and what better time to watch them, but on Halloween. It’s the perfect backdrop to a scary movie.

It’s always fun to watch scary movies. The scenes will make you scream and jump out of your seat. However, there are certain scenes from super scary movies that can leave you traumatized. Unfortunately, these scenes are very hard to forget. Chances are, they might even scar you for life.

There are 5 super scary movie moments that are hard to forget.

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Movie Scene from Insidious Where the Bride is Going up the Stairs

This scene is not too scary to watch when you’re with friends. However, it’s a different story when you’re all alone at home and you’re going up the stairs. That scene can haunt you at a time you least expect it and is one of the most **scary movie moments **you'll ever see.


Movie Scene from Amityville Horror Where George is Always Waking up at 3:15 a.M

After watching this movie, you'll always want to make sure you sleep through the night. Unfortunately if you wake up alone at 3:15, it’s hard NOT to think of the movie and the reason why you’re waking up at that time.


Movie Scene from the Shining Where the Kid Sees the Twins in the Hallway

There’s no way you can ever walk alone in a hotel hallway after watching this movie. That scene is going to leave you traumatized that you’re going to end up running though the hotel hallway instead.


Movie Scene from the Ring Where the Girl Crawls out of the Tv

You are never going to fall asleep with the TV on again after watching this movie. You might even want your TV out of your room.


Movie Scene in the Sixth Sense Where Cole Finally Gathers His Nerve to Run to the Bathroom and Take a Leak

This scene is so traumatic that you’re going to be scared out of your wits to pee in the middle of the night. Even if you can’t see dead people, you’re going to think that you can.

It’s a lot more fun to watch scary movies with friends or maybe with that special someone. But you have to be really careful because when you’re all alone, that’s the time when the scary movie scenes come to haunt you. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Can you think of other scary movie scenes that still haunt you to this day?

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The exorcist where she's all contorted walking/ crawling down the stairs. It in the uncut version. Actually the whole show freaks me out!!

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