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Holiday chick flicks can be some of the best movies of the season. Combine romance with the magic of Christmas and it can make for a wonderful movie. These are some holiday chick flicks that may have slipped by you in the busyness of the season. If you haven’t seen them before then you can add them to your must-see movie list.

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The Holiday

This's one of the holiday chick flicks I never tire of watching. Two women in different countries decide to do a home swap over the holidays. Both of them have been through a recent breakup and are dealing with strong emotions. The home swap offers them perspective and a new chance at love.


Both characters find themselves exploring new territories not just geographically, but emotionally too. Cameron Diaz plays Amanda, who heads to a cozy cottage in England, while Kate Winslet as Iris finds herself in a glamorous LA mansion. They encounter local men who are grappling with their own issues—Jude Law's charming Graham and Jack Black's endearing Miles. As the festive season unfolds, the film captures the essence of self-discovery and the joy of unexpected romance, making it a heartwarming watch that radiates the comfort and magic of the holidays.


Christmas under Wraps

This is a new movie released by Hallmark this year. It stars Candace Cameron Bure as a doctor who ends up starting her career in a very small town in Alaska, a place where she doesn’t want to be. The dreams she’s had for her career are nothing like the reality she finds herself living. But surprisingly, she begins to come under the charm of the town and its people. When a chance to return to big city life opens up, she’s faced with deciding what truly matters to her.


The Preacher’s Wife

“The Preacher’s Wife” is actually a remake of a 1947 movie, “The Bishop’s Wife.” When Reverend Henry Biggs is struggling in both his marriage and his church, he prays for help. The answer to his prayers arrives in the form of a charming angel named Dudley. Dudley’s goal is to help the Reverend Biggs get his life back together but he finds that a bit difficult. This’s especially true after Dudley meets Reverend Biggs’s lovely and captivating wife, Julia.


Home for the Holidays

I seriously love this movie - it's a total chick flick and a comedy. It's on the older side (it came out in 1995... that's 20 years ago!) but as a bonus, it stars Robert Downey Jr. It's well worth a watch, especially if your family is a little less than, well, normal.


White Christmas

“White Christmas” is a classic you can’t miss. Released in 1954, it has the nostalgic feel of a classic that’s stood the test of time. The story is set in the 1940s. Two WWII servicemen meet a pair of pretty sisters on a train and follow them to their destination in Vermont. This movie is filled with lovely music and a sweet romance.


Four Christmases

This movie is one that many of you can relate to. Brad and Kate, played by Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, want to go away for a tropical vacation to escape Christmas with their relatives, but the trip falls through. They then find themselves going to visit all four of their divorced parents. They experience even more holiday stress than they anticipated. Can their relationship stand the stress and secrets visiting family will reveal?


The Christmas Card

This’s another feel-good Hallmark film. A soldier in Afghanistan received a card from a woman named Faith who participates in an annual Christmas card drive. That card gives him the strength to get through the rest of the war. When he returns to the States, he decides to find Faith. He has no trouble finding a place for himself in her town and her business but can he find a place in her heart?

These are 7 holiday chick flicks that are great to watch. What’s your favorite holiday chick flick? I’m always looking for new movies to watch!

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The Christmas Card sounds very similar to one of Nicholas Sparks novels, The Lucky One.

Serendipity?? That movie just warms my heart every time like it's the first time I watch it...

What about Love Actually?

Any movie in the Home Alone series.

The trailer for preachers wife is incorrect. The movie actually star Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington.

The Family Stone should be on this list.

Love actually!!!!

Love Actually! Bridget Jones's Diary!

Sleepless in Seattle. Cox it's set the holiday season. Love it

Love actually!

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