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Christmas movie villains are so much fun to watch. I've always thought that villains are much more interesting than the good guys. But even if you don't agree, the good guys need someone to overcome and make them look even better. So watch these Christmas movie villains and see if you agree …

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The Grinch

One of the most enjoyable Christmas movie villains is the Grinch. The name has become synonymous with someone who hates Christmas and wants to spoil it for everyone else. Whether you watch the cartoon version or the live-action movie with Jim Carrey (surely the only actor who could play the Grinch), he's the ultimate Christmas villain because he hates the season so much.


Bad Santa

Who would be the worst possible person to play Santa Claus? Someone who's always drunk and hates children, probably. This isn't the kind of movie to sit down and watch with all the family! Billy Bob Thornton is hilarious as the thief who works as Santa so that he can rob the stores he works in.


Frank Cross (Scrooged)

Ebenezer Scrooge is one of literature's most famous villains, although he does redeem himself in the end. It's actually rather disappointing, as he's much more fun when he's mean. This updated version casts Bill Murray as a callous TV executive who wants to treat viewers to a seriously modernised version (featuring guns and explosions) of A Christmas Carol …


Jack Frost (the Santa Clause 3)

The third of the Santa Clause movies has Jack Frost as its villain, and what fun he is too. The evil Jack wants to take over Christmas, since he's jealous of Santa's special position. So he plots to get Santa to unwittingly resign and turns Christmas into the commercialised Frostmas. Much like the real thing, then …


Hans Gruber (Die Hard)

Who would sabotage a Christmas party? Well, the gloriously hissable Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard movie. He and his group of henchmen ruin a corporate Christmas bash by taking everyone hostage. That's going to make you wish you'd passed on the invitation …

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Harry & Marv (Home Alone)

Harry and Marv are the two hapless thieves who burgle a home while the family are away for Christmas. Only they find that young Kevin has been left behind, and he proceeds to defend his home against the two invaders. Although these two are clearly meant to be the bad guys, Kevin doesn't come across as much of an angel himself, considering some of the traps that he comes up with …


Rose (the Ref)

This movie is definitely not for family viewing. But given that it stars Denis Leary and has some rather strong language, it's not going to be a Christmas feel-good movie. Rose is the kind of mother and grandmother who would make being taken hostage by a burglar seem infinitely preferable to spending Christmas with her. The woman buys slipper socks as gifts, for God's sake …

So enjoy these Christmas-themed movies (although do be careful about whom you watch Bad Santa or The Ref with!). Christmas movies don't have to be sweet family fare, although there are plenty of those if that's what you're looking for. Who is your favorite movie villain, whether in a Christmas movie or any other one?

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