7 Classic Christmas Movies to Watch This Season ...

These classic Christmas movies will add to that homey, comfy feeling that all of us love to experience this time of the year. Nothing says β€œHappy Holidays” better than a plate full of chocolate chip cookies, a glass of warm milk, a fireplace and some classic Christmas movies to snuggle up to. So in no particular order, here's seven of our all-time-favorite Christmas movies that will warm your heart:

1. A Christmas Carol

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No one β€œdoes Christmas” better than Ebenezer Scrooge and be it straight drama (1935) or comedy with Bill Murray in Scrooged (1970), there is nothing better than watching the old guy get his comeuppance and find the true meaning of Christmas in the smile of Tiny Tim. This SHOULD definitely be on top of your list of classic Christmas movies to watch this season!

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