7 Movies That Rocked 2014 ...


7 Movies That Rocked 2014 ...
7 Movies That Rocked 2014 ...

The lineup of 2014 movies that rocked the world ran the gamut of emotions and genres. That’s why it’s a challenge to pick seven 2014 movies that rocked the viewing public this year. So I asked a little help from my friends and ran an informal survey about mine and their favorite movies of this year. Here are our seven picks for this year’s best pictures!

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Presenting a luscious all-star cast, the mayhem never stops in the 1930s with this popular European ski resort. With the likes of Bill Murray and Ralph Fiennes on hand, this is a great comedy with fabulous, ornate sets. I want to stay here on my next vacation. This, my dear ladies, is the main reason why 2014 movies that rocked the world will remain in my hard drive.



Where is the line between man and machine? Between fiber optics and real emotions? HER explores all this and much more in a great “touchy-feely” film with Scarlett Johansson as the disembodied voice that any man would fall in love with. Miss Johansson in this film performed a lot better than her other movie character, Lucy (although it's really unfair to compare the two because Lucy was totally drug-powered while Samantha is a computer operating system).


Guardians of the Galaxy

Predicted to be a dog with no mainstream superheroes like Thor or the Hulk, Marvel does it again with a terrific story, great special effects and a killer 1970s soundtrack. Guardians of the Galaxy was an unexpected surprise in 2014 and one that did not disappoint movie fans worldwide.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

A bit overlooked by the critics, this one actually outdoes the original with some great characters and dragons galore. I didn’t read many reviews about Hiccup and his conquest in this second installment but if you have the resources to do it, please take time to watch this one. It’s not heavy and the dialogue is as funny as the first one. Expect more fire-breathing creatures in this one!



Coming out at the close of 2014, this is one very intense WWII film with Brad Pitt kicking butts and taking charge. It drags in the middle with some sloppy “romance” so bad that I wanted to slap someone silly. But… at the end, I would follow Commander Pitt anywhere and charge up any mountain for the love of country and uhm, Brad Pitt.


Captain America: the Winter Solider

Marvel rocks the house in this thrilling techno adventure in which superheroes abound. A great introduction of The Falcon and who would have foreseen Robert Redford as the ultimate bad guy? Captain America has never been so needed as today. A confession: my husband and I wanted to watch this film so badly one Saturday afternoon but we didn’t have any sitters. So... we took the kids with us. The cinema allowed us to bring them in. Yeah, we’re bad parents. But the twins just slept for two hours while Mom and Dad were glued to the screen.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Can Hollywood really give a Best Actor Oscar to a man dressed as an ape? Okay, so Andy Serkis really performed in mo-cap and with a bunch of dots all over himself, but the emotion and power he brings to the role of the ape leader Caesar are spot on.

What’s your favorite movie from 2014? Why is it your favorite?

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What about Divergent, If I stay, The fault in our stars, etc.?

Frozen was huuuuge. Hunger games, hobbit,

What about the hunger games part one and FROZEN

interstellar ❤️

Mockingjay, frozen, and divergent were pretty popular fyi

Don't forget about the fault in our stars

Frozen came out in 2013

Wow people. Frozen did not come out in 2014. Its popularity remained into 2014 but it was released in 2013.


Out of this list, How to Train Your dragon 2 was the most memorable for me, loved it!!

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