The πŸ’―Best Movies 🎬 for a Night Home Alone πŸ™‡πŸ« ...

Having a night in? Wanna watch a movie? So many to choose from but what to watch? I think your choice often depends on what mood you’re in rather than the need to see the latest blockbuster. Here are some picks to match Friday night moods.

1. Movie for when You’re Feeling Lonely

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DO NOT WATCH a movie about love or a romantic comedy. Watch a movie that is going to make you realize that you are stronger on your own two feet, or watch something that is hilarious like Dumb & Dumber or the Pet Detective. If you crave empathy for your alone-ness you could watch β€œI Am Legend” and watch a man that feels almost as lonely as you do…just remember to look away during the dog bit. Being alone on a Friday night doesn’t seem so bad now, huh?

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