Movies Every Friend Group Should See This Fall ...


Movies Every Friend Group Should See This Fall ...
Movies Every Friend Group Should See This Fall ...

Fall is never really known as the prime time for movies. It’s right after the summer movie season and before the Christmas rush begins. However, this year is different for fall movies. There are a ton of movies coming out this fall that have everyone talking. Some are being talked about for good reasons, and some are being talked about for bad reasons. If you want to weed out the bad movies and stick to the good ones, follow this list. These are the movies you should be heading to the theatre to see this fall!

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The Intern

Any movie starring Robert DeNiro is a movie that I definitely want to see, and this movie is no exception. It also stars Anne Hathaway and a plethora of other, newer stars who I’m excited to see in such a big movie. If you love Workaholics, this movie features two of your favorite guys, and Nat Wolff (of multiple John Green movie fame) is also in the movie. This seems like the perfect fall movie to me!


Jem and the Holograms

Although this movie trailer has disappointed a lot of fans of the original Jem and the Holograms, if you remove what the original series was about and think of this as something else entirely, this movie looks good. Who doesn’t love a movie about girl power, and girls who rock at that? It’s a movie that’s definitely on my must-see list this fall!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two

It’s hard to believe that this movie franchise is already coming to an end, but it is this fall with the final installment: Mockingjay Part Two. If you’ve read the books, you know what happens, but you’re also probably counting down the days until you finally get to see this movie!



I’m not one for dramas when it comes to movies, but this is a movie I don’t think I’ll be able to pass up this fall. It’s a continuation of the Rocky franchise and stars Sylvester Stallone, but rather than it focusing on him, it focuses on Michael B. Jordan, who’s playing the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s former rival.


The Night before

Who doesn’t love a hilarious Christmas movie? This movie comes out around Thanksgiving, making it the perfect post-Thanksgiving movie to see with your family. It stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and so many other stars that you probably won’t be able to keep track, and it looks like our new favorite Christmas movie!



Okay, so this movie technically doesn’t come out until December, so I may just be wishfully thinking that it will still be fall then, but I can’t be the only one insanely excited for this movie! It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team up for a movie, and they never disappoint, so this movie should be no different!


Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials

This movie comes out sooner than you may realize (September 18th!) but you can still catch up on the first movie if you’ve wanted to get into this movie franchise but haven’t yet! If you have, I’m sure you’re counting down the days until this movie comes out!

Which movies are you looking forward to this fall? Are any of these on your list? Let me know what you’re counting down to in the comments!

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I went to a screening for the scorch trials that movie is amazing. MUST SEE

It's good that you didn't include a synopsis or even a brief summary of the plot for the majority of the films you listed!

I am going to see the scorch trials :D

I am looking forward to the intern yippee!

Really looking forward to seeing Suffragettes. Great way to show modern women's history

Definitely seeing the Rocky film!

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