8 Top Summer 2012 Movies to Definitely Go See ...


8 Top Summer 2012 Movies to Definitely Go See ...
8 Top Summer 2012 Movies to Definitely Go See ...

Summer is the best time for movies because the biggest and most anticipated films come out on the big screen when everyone is on summer vacation and holiday. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men First Class, Captain American, and Transformers were some of the best movies last summer so I have high hopes for this summer's top movies. Here are 8 Top Summer 2012 Movies to Definitely Go See, are they on your list...

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Snow White and the Huntsman...

Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, Kristen Stewart as Snow White, and the ever so delicious Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, how could you go wrong! With a cast like this and amazing special effects like the mirror coming to life, soldiers shattering to glass, and the queen turning into a flock of crows, I can see Snow White and the Huntsman being one of the top summer 2012 movies that everyone will go see!


Men in Black III...

Can you believe it's been fifteen years since the first Men in Black movie and ten years since Men in Black 2! Men in Black 3 promises to start the summer and memorial day weekend off with laughs when our two favorite agents J and K (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) return to fight aliens and erase people's memories of any such thing! Plus Will Smith always comes back with top summer movies and he'll have yet another hit on his hands this year!



The trailer for Prometheus frightens me and reminds me of the sci-fi action we experienced with the movie Aliens but with a more horrifying effect. We're always wondering whether other planets have life and if that life would try to take ours and Prometheus takes us there with an excellent cast featuring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Guy Pearce.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation...

In 2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra didn't make it as a top summer movie, but Channing Tatum is hoping to make a comeback this summer with G.I. Joe: Retaliation. It looks like he might make it to the top of the box office with the help of stars like Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis. As you can see from my list I love action movies and this film looks like the best kind and it doesn't hurt to have someone like The Rock kicking ass!



I'm really hoping that all of Taylor Kitsch's movies don't fall flat like John Carter, though I'm not too sure how big his movie Battleship will be. I can, however, see Savages being a **top summer 2012 movie **because of John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman, and Benicio Del Toro. In the middle of a love triangle you have two guys who aren't making nice with the Mexican drug cartel so they kidnap the girlfriend, played by the beautiful Blake Lively, and torture her until her two lovers come to her rescue. It looks like a fun movie that will have both guys and girls going to see it.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days...

My stepdaughter read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and the entire family loved watching the first two movies together. Greg and his nerdy friends show what life is like for the unpopular, wimpy, and geeky kids at school who are just trying to survive! It's a look back at those awkward years that you can't help to laugh at!


The Odd Life of Timothy Green...

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an inspiring movie that I'm sure will bring tears to everyone in the theater who will go to see this top summer 2012 movie. It's about a wonderful couple who are having difficulties conceiving so they write down all of the amazing things they would want for their child then they put the notes in a box and bury it in the yard. In the morning a miracle happens and their fictional child comes to life!


Total Recall...

Forget about Colin Farrell, wait until you see the girl fight between Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale in this awesome remake that will definitely make it be a top summer 2012 movie to go see! I'm showing my age when I tell you that I was too young to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall in 1990, but I think the special effects and cast will help bring old and new fans to the theater.

Have fun this summer and stay cool with these top summer 2012 movies that will make everyone glad they decided to go out instead of staying home and missing all of the excitement on the big screen! The prices are getting a little high to take the whole family to see a movie, but that's why you wait to see the good ones that you know will be the top summer 2012 movies like the ones on the list! To check out our other favorite movies for 2012 check out the 8 Most Anticipated Blockbusterlist that includes our heroes Batman and Spider-Man!

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I am totally bookmarking this post. I cant wait to check out all those movies:) Have a great day, sunshine. xo

ughhhh i really want to see snow white and the huntsman bc i LOVELOVELOVE charlize theron, but i HATEHATEHATE kristen stewart with a passion. maybe if someone sees it and tells me the evil queen wins in the end, i'll go see it? or i could just go see prometheus twice for my charlize fix. bc seriously, she is the sexiest thing alive :) and they did a really good job finding an actor that looks like a younger version of tommy lee jone for mib3. just sayin.

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