9 Magical Movies about Witchcraft ...


9 Magical Movies about Witchcraft ...
9 Magical Movies about Witchcraft ...

Movies about witchcraft are amazing and magical. Some of them are whimsical, some are scary, and some are appropriately true to life, but whether they're outlandish or realistic, films about witchcraft are fun and exciting to watch. It's finally October, my favorite month out of the year, so I wanted to share some really incredible films with you. Now, by no means is this list complete – there are tons of movies revolving around witchcraft and magic floating around out there, after all! These are just some of my favorites, so take a look, have a good time, and then share which magical witchcraft movies you watch over and over again!

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Hocus Pocus

I could happily watch Hocus Pocus every day of the year and never get tired of it. It's been one of my favorite movies about witchcraft since the first time I saw it: at the drive-in when it came out. My parents bundled me up, popped a huge bag of their own popcorn, and put me to sleep in the backseat after it was over, whereupon I had dreams of Salem, Massachusetts, never dreaming I would one day live 15 minutes away. Real life Salem is even cooler than the film depicts, by the way, but I've yet to meet a witch as singularly fabulous as Bette Midler's Winifred Sanderson. Her cover of “I Put a Spell on You” is nothing less than magical.


The Witches of Eastwick

Looking at this list, a lot of the most incredible films about witchcraft are adaptations from equally fabulous novels. John Updike's witches aren't exactly the same as the versions played (marvelously) by Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer, but even on screen, Alex, Jane, and Sukie are strong women. Yeah, they make a deal with the devil, but look at how they own their mistakes and flip the script on Daryl. This is witchcraft dependent on sisterhood and really shows the viewer what women are capable of when they band together in friendship – and no, I'm not just talking about the over-endowed voodoo doll.


The Craft

The Craft has become a kind of Wiccan cliché; at least, my former BFF, who sort of created his own idea of what it means to be a Wiccan, certainly felt that way – mainly because, to be honest, you still do get a lot of mean girls walking past their arch-nemeses and pulling out a hunk of hair. However, this is still a darkly magical movie. I think it greatly illustrates just why you should never, ever play around with anything for personal gain. But the real reason I like it? I've always had a thing for Fairuza Balk!


The Crucible

The Crucible is just … phenomenal. Whether you read the play, see the play, or see the movie, it's a fantastic representation about what Salem was like during the infamous witch trials. As such it's one of the most realistic movies about witchcraft I've ever seen (although I can honestly say that you haven't experienced it until you've actually seen the play in Salem). While there are dramatizations, of course, Arthur Miller did an incredible job depicting all the atrocities that occurred in Salem during 1692 – and I'm not referring to the actions of the accused witches, either.


Practical Magic

Practical Magic is based on a novel as well, and if you get a chance to read it, you should. It's so different from the movie about witchcraft that they're practically unrelated, so it's rather easy to judge the movie on its own merit. In some ways, it's quite cheesy, because the film focuses more on the love story, but I love it. I think it's sweet, and magical in a different way. Besides, I adore Sandra Bullock and I will watch absolutely anything with Stockard Channing.



Suspiria is more of a horror film and it has an air of dark Gothic decadence that keeps you captivated. The cinematography and the story are equally breathtaking, and I love the fact that it takes place in a ballet academy. For all of that, it's legitimately scary, so if you're looking for a horror movie that's also an unequivocal masterpiece, give this one a go. It's worth it just to see Joan Bennett's performance. Trust me, there's a reason it's considered one of Dario Argento's best films ever.


The Mists of Avalon

Although technically a miniseries, The Mists of Avalon are, in total, some of the best movies about witchcraft you'll ever watch. It's a wonderful take on the stories of Camelot, following the lives of Arthur, Morgaine, and Merlin, among many others. The books on which the films are based are excellent as well, but since Anjelica Huston stars, I was all over this series when it premiered in 2001. there are several parts, so if you're looking for a series to enjoy over a cozy October weekend, I heartily suggest this one.


The Witches

Or this one. I mean, if you're a fan of Anjelica too, then this is a great film about witchcraft for you. This one comes from Roald Dahl's amazing book, and in addition to starring Anjelica Huston, it also has Roan Atkinson. I want to say it's a great film for you to watch with your kids, but you'll probably have to make that decision on your own. There are some pretty morbid parts to the story, but there are also some amazingly sweet scenes and characters.


The Harry Potter Series

I couldn't possibly resist including the tales of Hogwarts, you know. And since it's impossible for me to pick a single movie, I included the entire series. They represent a different take of magic, they mix the lighthearted with darker, more melancholy aspects, but every movie became an instant classic, and for good reason. I know that I'll be having a Harry Potter weekend at least once this month – although that's not anything special; I usually have a Harry Potter weekend every month.

There are many different movies about witchcraft; they span almost every genre imaginable. The history of witchcraft has always been fascinating to me, and since I live a mere 15 minutes outside of Salem, my interest has substantially increased. Like say, not all of these movies are true to life, but sometimes you have to enjoy something for the sake of itself, you know? Let me know about your very favorite magical witchcraft movies! Do you love these, or do you have other films to share?

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