29 Love Movies to Watch with Your Boyfriend ...

Finding a great love movie to watch with your boyfriend while you are both curled and cuddled up on the couch can be hard! Us girls like to watch true blue chick-flicks, while guys like action. So, what love movies are good to watch with your guy? Are you worried about choosing the wrong 'movie night' movie? Well, take the guessing out and take a look at my top 29 romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend!

1. I Love You, Man

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I love, love, love this love movie! It's not only totally funny, but it's a movie that guys will love too! Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors and when you add in Jason Segel, you've got a movie that is super funny with awesome humor packed inside of it! It's light, it's airy and he'll love it!

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