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Sometimes it is difficult to find shows you can watch with your guy. Most couples experience a differing of tastes when it comes to television shows, at least to some extent. While my husband and I don’t have a lot of television shows that we both enjoy, I am going to share with you some of the ones we do both enjoy. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration as to which shows you can watch with your guy, too.

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How It’s Made

How It’s Made is one of the shows you can watch with your guy. It is kind of a lighthearted show that explains how things are made. It is generally interesting and usually features common items that most people are familiar with. Even our teenagers enjoy watching it with us from time to time. How It’s Made comes on The Science Network.


House Hunters International

Of all of the shows we watch together, this one is my favorite. House Hunters International is actually one of my favorite shows, period. It is a show that takes you with a person or a couple into a different country as they go on a house hunt. You see three different options that they consider and which one they finally choose. It is very interesting to see the different styles of homes and cultures in other countries and we both enjoy it.


The Pioneer Woman

I love to watch The Pioneer Woman. This is a show that comes on Food Network and features Ree Drummond. She lives on a real working ranch in Oklahoma with her husband and four children. Because of her unique living situation, she knows how to cook food to satisfy a man’s man and to also keep the kids pleased. My husband and I both enjoy this show and the recipes I make from it.



Football is not a show but it is something that my husband watches often and I am learning to acquire a taste for it. It started out with me choosing to root for the team with the best uniforms, which would always make our friends amused. But as I watched it with him more and more, I started getting interested. I asked lots of questions in order to try to understand the game more. As I began learning more about it, I discovered that I actually kind of enjoy watching it with him. You can do the same thing with any sport that your guy watches, too.


Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict is a show we haven’t been watching long but have found we both enjoy watching. The show centers around the work that Nicole Curtis does when she renovates homes. Her work usually takes place in Detroit or Minneapolis. The homes that she decides to save are often in such poor shape that you sometimes doubt her but she amazingly always pulls through. She is also a very likable person for this show, which adds to her charm.


Giada at Home

Giada at Home is another cooking show that we enjoy watching. Giada De Laurentiis is the cook and she makes some very yummy looking meals in her own home while you look on. I always admire her creativity in the kitchen. I also enjoy seeing all of her stylish choices in clothing. This can be something you and your guy may find you both enjoy.


The Weather Channel

This is not a show but a channel that we enjoy watching together, in general. Chances are, you and your guy can find agreement on this one, too. What can I say? We all have different weather conditions that affect our lives from time to time. This keeps you in the know when that is going to happen.

You just have to do some experimenting until you find some shows that both you and your guy can enjoy. What shows do you and your guy love to watch together? Share them with us!

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I usually LOVE the articles on here but really?? Weather channel and cooking shows? -.-

Lol my guy hates the food channel, I can see his eyes rolling now! Now he does love Holmes on Holmes and house hunters. Also modern family and orange is the new black are great shows too.

Lol Giada is too beautiful to watch with my guy haha!!!

"Hey babe, let's have a cosy night in watching the weather channel" said no one ever

Good choices. You also have breaking bad..arrow..sons of anarchy..the office. Tons of shows for couples to watch together.

Haha this list is hilarious! Home reno shows?? Cooking with giada?! How about game of thrones (as mentioned by fellow commenters) walking dead, SOA, generation kill, supernatural, Vikings, my guy and I just started watching Brain Games on NatGeo and how to survive the end of the world. There's soooo many great shows to watch with your guy!! None of which are on the list

I'm so shocked game if thrones isn't one here. Like really?

My bf and I both love Shark Tank.

This list couldn't be more boring..the weather channel?

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