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I enjoy watching a great chick flick as much as any other girl, but occasionally it's nice to watch some high action movies with my husband. Action movies can be both thrilling and exciting. Some of them even have great love stories. Here are 7 great high action movies that you'll enjoy as much as your guy will.

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When my husband rented this movie, I didn't expect to like it, but it was great. Based on the book Point of Impact, Shooter is a story about a U.S. Marine sniper named Bob Lee Swagger, who is now retired and enjoys his life of seclusion. One day Swagger is called upon to help prevent an assassination attempt against the president. While trying to help the government, he is double crossed and framed for the assassination attempt of the president and the murder of a diplomat. Watch to see if Swagger can figure out who has framed him and why. If you're looking for some great high action movies to watch with your guy, this should definitely be at the top of the list.



I'm typically not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie's movies, but this one was great. This Oscar nominated film is about a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt. When Salt is accused of being a Russian spy, she goes on the run in an attempt to clear her name. While trying to prove her innocence, she uncovers details about her past and who she really is. Watch to see if Salt can clear her name before time runs out.


Die Hard

Die Hard is a classic action movie. Many people believe that its one of the best actions movies ever made and I have to agree. In this film Bruce Willis plays an NYPD officer named John McClane. When his wife and several others are taken hostage by a group of German terrorist, McClane vows to do everything that he can to save them, but the odds are against him. Watch to see if McClane can take down the bad guys and save his wife before it's too late.


The Patriot

The Patriot is one of my husband's favorite movies, so I have watched it many times. This film takes place during the American Revolution and tells the story of a war hero turned farmer named Benjamin Martin. Martin is a widower and now spends his time with his 7 children on their small plantation. Martin understands how hard war is and doesn't want to take part of the conflict that is currently going on with the British. When one of his son's is killed by a British officer that all changes. Martin wants revenge for the death of his son and decides to join the Colonial Militia to fight the British.


Bad Boys

I think that I may actually like this movie better than my husband does. This high action comedy is about two detectives whose lives are very different. Marcus is a somewhat uptight, family man and Mike is a carefree ladies man. In the film, this pair of detectives attempt to solve a case about stolen heroin while trying to protect a murder witness. To complicate the situation, Internal Affairs is only giving them 5 days to solve the case or they will shut down the entire Narcotics division.


Ocean's 11

I'm not a huge fan of remakes because they usually aren't as good as the original. That's simply not true with Ocean's 11. This film is about a man named Danny Ocean, who gathers 11 of his buddies in an attempt to pull off one of the biggest heist of all time. His plan is to rob three casinos in Las Vegas at the same time. Watch to see if this all star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Bernie Mac are able to pull off their plan or if it will go up in smoke.


True Lies

This funny action movie is about a happily married man named Harry Tasker, who has been an agent for the United States government for many years. Harry's wife Helen believes that he is a computer salesman and has no idea that he is a secret government agent. Suddenly, Harry has to revel his identity to Helen when they are kidnapped by a group of terrorists. Helen is shocked that Harry has kept this secret from her all of this time. Harry must find a way to defeat the terrorist and prove to his wife that she can trust him.

These are some of the great action movies that I've enjoyed watching with my husband. Do you have any action movies that you've enjoyed watching with your significant other? I can't wait to hear your recommendations.

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I love salt

Angelina Jolie is incredible.

I, too, love Salt, Mr & Mrs Smith was good too.... Shooter is Excellent- who doesn't love Mark Wahlberg!

Salt was soooooper hit

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