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Classic black-and-white films have a special air to them that films in color don't. You really begin to focus on the actors, their faces, movements and cadences of their voices. I enjoy them because you can see the hard-work that went into creating some of the classic black-and-white films. Hey, they became classics for a reason!

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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

In this classic black-and-white film, Mrs. Muir moves away from her dead-husband’s house in the city to a cottage by the sea. There she meets Captain Gregg, the ghost who haunts her home. With a rough start, the two manage to coexist. What’s more, the Captain helps Mrs. Muir find herself developing her as a strong female character.



“Here’s looking at you, kid.” This line by Humphrey Bogart wins over my heart time and time again. It’s no wonder this film is a classic! The film won three academy awards and is ranked among the greatest films of all time. So check out war-torn Casablanca and follow Rick Blaine, played by Bogart, help his former lover escape with her husband.


Adam’s Rib

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn co-star in this court-room comedy. The married couple represent opposite sides of the same court case. One thing I admire about this couple is that the two portray the perfect balance in marriage; an image of equality. In fact, they have the same nickname, Pinky, for each other with a “‘y’ for him ‘ie’ for me!” If you haven’t seen the rapport between Tracy and Hepburn, then this is a great film to start with!


Now, Voyager

Following her mental breakdown, Bette Davis’ character goes to an institution and then a cruise. Once back, it’s time to face her troubles again, namely, her mother. The controlling and manipulative mother tries to push her way on Davis but with her new coping skills, Davis fights back. This story is about forming identity, maternal care, and choosing what’s best for the situation, not what you want.


The Artist

This 2011 silent film may be new in the grand scheme of Hollywood but it is definitely a classic. George Valentin is the star of silent film, but with new ‘talkies’ making their way into the American public, he finds himself struggling with an identity crisis. He’s reluctant to move to the new vein of films and slowly learns how silent films are out and old news. “The Artist” has won countless awards which made it the most awarded film in French history. Talk about true art. This movie is a must-see!


His Girl Friday

Hildy Johnson and Walter Burns are perfect for each other, despite their unwillingness to believe it. Ace reporter Hildy is roped into one last case before her marriage to Bruce Baldwin. The case explores government corruption and communist thought. What’s more, it addresses how far reporters will go to get the story. Oh, and of course, the love spark of Hildy and Walter makes the movie a classic.


Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn plays royalty in this film of a vacation in Rome. Caught up in the ins-and-outs of palace life, Hepburn is burnt out. She manages to sneak away and goes on the biggest adventure of her life with Gregory Peck, a reporter looking to get a story. “Roman Holiday” is one of Hepburn’s earlier films and got her a ticket into the hearts of the American public. This is one of my favorites!

If you’ve always wanted to get into black-and-white films and you didn’t know where to start, I hope these films helped. You should definitely check them out. Maybe call up a friend or have a movie night with the family? What classic black-and-white films do you like?

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I just died and went to heaven Roman Holiday is one of my favorite movies!

I just loved roman Holliday! Thanks for the list I'm working my way through them...


I loved all of "The Thin Man" movies! The interplay between William Powell and Myrna Loy is terrific, their fashion is fabulous, and the mysteries that they solve are intriguing with humor. Another great black and white film is "To Have

I really loved the artist, it's a movie you'd remember! Casablanca's on my list next, bought it ages ago but haven't watched it yet!

"To Have & Have Not," with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in her first film. There was electricity between them in that film.

I actually just watched Casablanca for the first time! Loved it! Great list!

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