9 Black and White Flicks You Should See ...

I absolutely adore black and white movies. Some of my favorite flicks are black and white, if not necessarily film noir, and I'm sure that you've seen many of them before. Actually, you've probably seen me write about them before! Still, I can't resist making some repeats because some movies are just so classic, they naturally come up again and again. And you'll be seeing many of these classics on this list of black and white flicks you should see!

1. Sabrina

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I think anyone who's read me already knows how much I love this movie. Honestly, I like this even better than Breakfast at Tiffany's, partly because of Audrey's Paris makeover (and haircut!), but primarily because of Bogey and her interaction with him. I mean yeah, he's incredibly older than her in this, but I don't even care. The whole story is just incredible.

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