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Beautiful Movies grab your attention right from the start by taking your emotions firmly in hand and sparking your imagination. Of course, choosing the most beautiful movies is entirely subjective, since different people are inspired by different things. Some stunning films are purely visual, whether the story itself is bad or good. Others are considered beautiful because they tell a fantastic story. I'm focusing on the visual aspect, and going with the films largely considered to be the most beautiful. However, I look forward to hearing your opinions on the best beautiful movies ever made too!

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Requiem for a Dream

It seems strange that a film based on drug addiction ends up being one of the most beautiful movies ever made, but there it is. Sometimes there's beauty in ugliness and despair. That was definitely the case in this film, which is filled with subtle but deeply provocative themes that have very little to do with drug use itself.


Pan's Labyrinth

This is an incredibly stunning movie for a variety of reasons. The story is incredible of course, but the visuals just grasp you. There are honestly a lot of ugly things in this movie, but to reiterate and as many fans of this one have said, not everything that's beautiful has to be flawless or pretty or gorgeous. The fact that so much of this film is based on fantasy during such a cruel time makes it lovely.


Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak's books remains one of the best I've ever read, and although the film itself was panned by some critics, I think it's one of my favorite beautiful movies. The scenes themselves aren't just breathtaking, they're also nostalgic. I can't watch this without thinking about my childhood. The story is beautiful in its own right, and oh man, the dialogue. The dialogue! «Don't go. I'll eat you up, I love you so.»


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I just love this movie. It's incredibly gorgeous, in terms of the story, the special effects, the stunts, the locale, and the scenery. This movie represents the first time most of the United States got a taste of really good, romantic wuxia. I know it was mine, and for that reason I've never forgotten it.


Days of Heaven

Many people consider this to be within the top three of the most spectacularly beautiful movies ever made. This is partly owing to the fact that, even though it meant only filming less than half an hour a day, the director shot the movie solely during the small but breathtaking span of time between sunset and dusk. The result is ethereal, dreamy, and absolutely gorgeous.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Many aspects go into making this a gorgeous movie. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Michel Gondry specialized in directing music videos. Reality shifts under your feet when you watch this, in terms of the plot and the scenery. It's beautiful in a tragic way, and honestly I can't watch it without sobbing.


A Single Man

This is solely my pick, because it's just one of the most extraordinarily beautiful movies I've ever seen. The story itself is amazing, but I loved it visually because of the symbolism and the meaning. Everything is a little dim, a little dark, a little depressing … until George sees something that inspires some kind of passion in his life. The lipstick on a young woman, a beautiful man's eyes, the colors on a happy little girl's dress...


Citizen Kane

Black and white films can be beautiful, don't doubt that, and due largely to its complexity and the camera work – at the time considered quite artistic and advanced – this is a truly stunning movie. In point of fact, cinematography as we know it wouldn't exist without the revolutionary techniques pioneered with the making of this classic film.

For me, the most beautiful movies inspire me, because of the dialogue, the story, or, as with these films, the visual aspect. I love it when everything comes together to create a truly stunning film, with really breathtaking scenes. Sometimes that's thanks to the director's vision and the cinematographer's skill, and sometimes it comes down to computer imagining. Whatever the case, these beautiful movies definitely took my break away. What stunning movies capture your imagination?

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My additions to this list would be: 1. Tracker - thin on plot but the scenery of New Zealand showcased in the movie is absolutely stunning. 2. A movie much aligned - The Sheltering Sky - again not much going on storywise but the atmosphere and scenery makes it worth watching. Great list Lyndsie

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