7 Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day ...

Valentine's Day Movies can make the day more special … or less so, depending on your point of view. For that reason, I went looking for a wide array of movies about Valentine's Day. Some of them are sweet and romantic, ideal for watching with your particular Valentine. Others are … well, they're not so sweet and romantic. Some of them showcase the darker side of Valentine's Day, so if you're single or just against the holiday on general principle, then you'll definitely enjoy them. Either way, I hope you'll agree that these are the best Valentine's Day movies currently available!

1. Valentine's Day

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This is probably the pinnacle of all Valentine's Day movies. Is it a great film? That … depends on perspective, actually! But in terms of the plot, it's full of Valentine's Day goodness. There are plenty of ups and downs between the many, many characters, of course, but there are some definite inspirations in there, too.

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