7 Incredible Movie Weddings to Watch ...


7 Incredible Movie Weddings to Watch ...
7 Incredible Movie Weddings to Watch ...

Movie weddings are some of the best weddings in the world to watch – and some of the funniest! I'm currently planning my own wedding and I've gotten so many ideas (and have had so many laughs!) from some of these movie weddings! That made me think – I wonder if there is a top list of film weddings out there! I scoured, searched and pulled together my all-time-favorite weddings from movies! Enjoy girls, and don't forget to share your own favorite weddings from movies in the comments!

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

One of my all-time-favorite movie weddings! Not only is the movie super funny, but it's actually kinda true for any family! I know that planning a wedding is hard, but when you're involved with a family that huge, it makes all of the opinions totally overwhelming! Also, I love the actors and actresses in this movie! It's super funny, totally true and has some of the best lines! I've seen this movie at least 10 times!


Sex in the City: the Movie

All right, I know that this movie wedding moment doesn't actually belong on the list because the actual wedding didn't happen, but did you see that dress? It was amazing! The venue was incredible and the bridesmaids dresses were rocking. If this wedding would have happened, it would have been the talk of the town!



Any movie that combines a bunch of humor, bridesmaids fighting and … poop in a dress in the middle of the street is a movie you've got to see! This movie is hilarious! If you haven't seen it, you've got to rent it – or heck, buy it right now. It's absolutely one of my favorite movie weddings out there and the entire film is so funny!


Bride Wars

So I am so guilty of absolutely loving anything that Kate Hudson does. I think that she is absolutely beautiful and that every role she plays is amazing. This movie is no exception at all! She's ideal in it and the feud between her and Anne Hathaway is amazing! Blue hair, orange skin and a bunch of one-liners make up this awesome love movie!


27 Dresses

Even though Katherine Heigl is not my favorite actress in the world, I still think that this movie is super cute, totally worth the buy (or renting it!) and the weddings scenes are awesome. So basically, it's about a girl that has always been the bridesmaid or the maid of honor, never the bride. She's been in a bunch of different weddings – hence the name and in the end? She ends up getting the guy. Predictable but oh-so-cute!


Father of the Bride

I love, love this movie – this one and Father of the Bride 2 are movies that I have taped and I constantly watch. Not only are they oldie but goodie movies, but the weddings are amazing! If you're looking to dive back in time, these are the movies that you should be watching!


Because I Said so

If you want more Diane Keaton, you've got to see this move. Not only does it have Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham and Piper Perabo in it, but it's also got some hot guys too. This is the ultimate love movie for us girls, but it's so good! I love Mandy Moore in this movie and Diane just makes it. Polka dots, girls, think polka dots!

So, there are all of my top movie weddings that I could watch over and over again. Do you have any favorite movie weddings or even love stories out there that you love? Give me a shout out in the comments!

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