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If you enjoy a rollicking good adventure, pirate movies should be high on your list for a huge dose of escapism. Presenting many variations of a similar theme – lost treasure, shipwrecks, rum soaked cutthroats, and rescues of fair maidens – the stories enthrall, enchant, and engender laughter. Here are my favorite pirate movies.

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Blackbeard’s Ghost

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! You'll love everything about this movie, even if you're not completely hooked on old classics. It's a definite must-see if you love pirate movies and classic Walt Disney. Dean Jones, the Disney stalwart, and English master character actor Peter Ustinov are the perfect on screen partnership. The movie has everything – there are ghosts, seaside shantytowns, hotels made from wrecked ships, and a greasy, slimy villain! The fight scene is hilarious.


Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl

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You'll want to be a pirate after watching how seductive, sly, and canny a pirate can be. Johnny Depp is definitely the star of this movie, and the way he has actually shown his true colors in acting is simply outstanding. Interestingly, it was extremely well received by the audience, even in a time when movies with humongous budgets were all the rage. You will definitely love it if you're tired of those big-budget flicks that are no more than a mishmash of loosely connected "money shots." Depp is super hilarious in the movie and looks like a real pirate, Geoffrey Rush is a 'good' bad guy, and Keira Knightley is quite memorable as well. After you've watched it, you will still have a hard time coming out of its magic, and you'll definitely be asking, "Why is my rum bottle empty?"


Treasure Island

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There are a number of versions of the Stevenson classic, but the 1990 made-for-TV version of Treasure Island with a star cast like Oliver Reed, Christian Bale, and Isla Blair is simply the best. You're going to find everything in this movie – pirates, realistic sets, rum, and loads of fun. Due to the sets, locations, music, and performance of young Christian Bale and other stars, the movie actually serves as a model of cinematic adaptations. It is in fact one of the best adaptations because it closely follows the book, with dialogues and scenes taken directly from its pages. It will definitely make you say "Shiver-me-timbers"!


The Crimson Pirate

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If you enjoy pirate movies and humor, try The Crimson Pirate. You'll find it very funny and the movie established Burt Lancaster as a major player in Hollywood. Lancaster performs all his own stunts and there are some definite hold your breath and close your eyes moments. This garishly colorful, nimble, and completely captivating spectacle with eye boggling acrobatic routines has the potential to grab the viewer's imagination even in today's technologically-advanced era of amazing movies.


Disney’s Peter Pan

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Disney's Peter Pan probably needs no intro, as it's one of Disney's most enchantingly delightful animated movies and as timeless as the boy who never grew up. It shows how Peter Pan whisked John, Wendy, and Michael off on an adventure to Neverland, where they put up a fight against Captain Hook and his ruthless band of pirates. With Indians, mermaids, a band of pirates, the crocodile, and a rock slide that threatens the life of Tinker Bell, it’s hands down one of the finest animated films of the '50s!


Swiss Family Robinson

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This one has to find a place in the list of the best pirate movies of all time for its great soundtrack music, beautiful scenery, and an extremely hard-working and talented cast that includes Dorothy McGuire, John Mills, and James MacArthur. The combination of special effects and outstanding performance by the artists adds a lot to this compelling story of a shipwrecked family. It's exciting, scary, and a lot of fun. Go watch it today but beware of lethal 'coconut bombs'!


The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists

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Pirate Captain plans it out to beat his fierce rivals, Cutlass Liz and Black Bellamy, to claim the 'Big' award and become the Pirate of the Year. It's an exciting journey from Blood Island to the misty and mysterious streets of Victorian London. The movie may not have set the box office alight, but if you love the work of the team who brings you Wallace and Gromit, you’ll find this very enjoyable. This pirate movie epitomizes British humor – the jokes are silly, witty, and come in rapid-fire fashion, and that's what keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I think there’s something for everyone in pirate movies – all members of the family, young and old, can enjoy the adventures on the high seas. There’s enough action going on to keep your boyfriend happily snuggled up to you on the sofa for a while too. Was you favorite listed here or would you choose another?

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what about Hook? Classic Robin Williams and Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell is adorable!

Black Sails (TV Series) with Toby Stephens as Captain Flint. Great!

I just watched Pirates: band of misfits recently - loved it! Initially I thought it was a kiddies movie, but there was lots of adult humour in it - lots of fun either way!

Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

muppet treasure island...

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