7 Best Talking Dragons in the Movies ...

When you’re a kid, you have an ambivalent attitude towards dragons – especially talking dragons. Some dragons are ultra-scary, monstrous symbols of danger and threat. Some dragons are cute cuddly cartoon creatures in bright colors. Dragons are supporting roles or stars of the story. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best talking dragons in the movies.

1. Falkor the Luck Dragon

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It’s quite hard to see Falkor as a true dragon because he’s more canine-like in his appearance than the archetypal scaly, long-necked monster. Falkor the Luck Dragon however, easily qualifies as one of our talking dragons because he breathes blue fire and flies. In The Neverending Story, the meeting of Falkor and Altreyu is when Altreyu’s luck changes – unsurprisingly.

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