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7 Twilight Zone Episodes for a Nostalgic Movie Night ...

By Shannon

When I am in the mood for some vintage television, I like to watch a few Twilight Zone episodes. The show spanned five seasons with over one hundred episodes. With that many to choose from, you are bound to find one to fit your television flashback needs. If you are a fan of the show then you may already know these little gems. If not, perhaps these seven suggestions will help introduce you to the series. Either way, I hope you enjoy these Twilight Zone episodes!

1 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Nightmare at 20,000
This is one of many incredibly nostalgic Twilight Zone episodes that leaves you wanting to see more. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet recalls days when smoking on airplanes was permitted and seat-belts were optional. In this episode, Mr. Wilson is returning home from treatment for a nervous breakdown. The flight is smooth until he looks out the window.

2 It's a Good Life

It's a Good
Anthony seems like a normal six-year-old boy. All seems well in Peakesville until we are pulled into the anxiety-filled world over which Anthony rules. You see, Anthony has the ability to alter anything he wishes in any way -- even to the point of disfigurement or death -- using only his mind. Townsfolk are forced to sacrifice comfort and sanity for fear of upsetting the six-year-old ruler.

3 Time Enough at Last
This episode is every bibliophile's nightmare! No one will let Henry alone long enough to read anything. What's worse, his wife hides his materials and berates him for reading. However, it does become a problem for poor Henry. At work, his love of reading interferes with his ability to perform his job! The solution to this problem is quite an interesting twist.

4 Eye of the Beholder
Can you imagine living in a time and place with state-mandated plastic surgery? In this episode, Janet is in this very situation, hoping that all works out for the best so she can fit in. Watch as she grows increasingly anxious about her progress and stay tuned for the big reveal beneath her mountainous head bandage. The resulting twist is a fantastic morality head-scratcher.

5 Living Doll
Talk (pun totally intended) about a creepy episode. Talky Tina is a mechanical doll that speaks lovely phrases to little Christy. But when stepfather Eric gets hold of Talky Tina, the doll becomes a creepy hateful thing, spouting phrases like: "I'm going to kill you." Yikes! But, yet again, the twist makes you wonder about sanity.

6 The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

The Monsters Are Due on Maple
This episode begins with a normal day on Maple Street: kids are playing outside, women and men go about their daily chores. All is well until something bizarre crosses the sky. Speculation that begins among the adults is heightened by a boy with knowledge of aliens gleaned from comic books. Watch what happens when anxiety and paranoia turn into accusations and violence.

7 Where is Everybody

Where is
This inaugural Twilight Zone episode is one of the best. A man finds himself alone in an abandoned town unaware of who he is how he got there or what to do next. He soon discovers evidence that town inhabitants left abruptly, not long before his arrival. Slowly he begins to understand his circumstances as the gravity of the situation sinks in, challenging his sanity.

The well over one hundred Twilight Zone episodes will surely provide many hours of creepy entertainment. Are you a fan of the series? What do you watch when you are in the mood for a vintage television experience?

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