Movies to Get You and Your Partner Ready for Some Hot and Steamy Quality Time ...

By Neecey

Movies  to Get You and Your Partner  Ready for Some Hot and Steamy  Quality Time  ...

Want to watch something with your partner that isn’t a fluffy romcom or superhero action movie? Maybe with the hope of getting him into the mood? (do men need help to get in the mood? answers on a postcard …) These movies will definitely help get your sexy on.

Table of contents:

  1. fifty shades of grey
  2. eyes wide shut
  3. 9½ weeks
  4. secretary
  5. boogie nights
  6. sex, lies and videotape
  7. belle du jour
  8. shame
  9. last tango in paris
  10. a dangerous method
  11. blue is the warmest color
  12. body of evidence
  13. black snake moan
  14. mr. and mrs. smith
  15. basic instinct
  16. fatal attraction
  17. adore
  18. nymphomaniac vols. i & ii
  19. zipper
  20. indecent proposal
  21. a walk on the moon
  22. kiss of the damned
  23. perfect sense
  24. like water for chocolate
  25. venus in fur

1 Fifty Shades of Grey

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you will know about the saucy goings on between one Christian Grey and the innocent girl who he falls for!

2 Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star in this erotic thriller about a husband who learns about the world of underground sex cults after his wife admits to having fantasies.

3 9½ Weeks

A kinky movie about two strangers who meet in New York and begin an affair that details living out risqué scenarios like bondage and striptease.

4 Secretary

Maggie Gyllenhaal stars a young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, who gets a job as a secretary where her relationship with her boss soon becomes unprofessional!

5 Boogie Nights

A modern classic starring Mark Wahlberg as a young man who, thanks to his unusually large manhood, becomes one of the leading porn stars of his generation.

6 Sex, Lies and Videotape

A super sexy movie about a couple on the brink of divorce whose lives change through affairs and the arrival of a guest with a peculiar fetish.

7 Belle Du Jour

A French classic about a young repressed housewife who finds an outlet in prostituting herself during midweek afternoons.

8 Shame

A man’s sex addiction is put on hold when, annoyingly, his younger sister turns up at his door for an indefinite stay.

9 Last Tango in Paris

A film that shocked a generation. Marlon Brando is at his broody and sultry best as he embarks on a steamy and sensual affair. Watch out for the butter!

10 A Dangerous Method

An erotic take on the historic period that brought Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud together with the birth of psychoanalysis.

11 Blue is the Warmest Color

A touching tale about teenage girl who suddenly becomes aware of her sexuality when she begins an intense relationship with another woman.

12 Body of Evidence

Madonna stars as an irresistible femme fatal type figure who is accused of killing a man to inherit his huge fortune.

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13 Black Snake Moan

A rather strange story starring Samuel L. Jackson about a god fearing man who becomes attached to a free spirited young woman with a deep past.

14 Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sizzle on the screen together as this pair of assassins whose personal and professional lives becomes unavoidably intertwined!

15 Basic Instinct

A police officer is made to investigate a brutal murder that just happens to have an unbelievably sexy woman as the prime suspect.

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16 Fatal Attraction

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close star as two people who engage in a steamy affair, only for the relationship to sour and turn violent with one decides to end it.

17 Adore

An interesting movie about two middle aged friends who decide to have love affairs with each other’s teenage sons.

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18 Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II

An epic saga detailing to life of a woman who has always been obsessed with sex. We see her grow from a child in to a very troubled, very complicated middle aged woman.

19 Zipper

A politician family man is on the road to success but risks everything he has by engaging in an affair with an irresistible woman.

20 Indecent Proposal

Robert Redford stars as a handsome millionaire who offers a newly married couple $1,000,000 dollars to spend one night with the wife.

21 A Walk on the Moon

A housewife’s world is turned upside down when she begins a steamy affair with a handsome door to door salesman.

22 Kiss of the Damned

Another in the long line of recent vampire movies that make them seem like sex crazy, irresistible creatures!

23 Perfect Sense

A weird but fun sci-fi movie in which two people fall in love amidst an epidemic that is causing people to lose all of their senses.

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24 Like Water for Chocolate

A magical realism movie about a woman who discovers that he cooking skills have supernatural effects on those that eat it, including the man that she has fallen for.

25 Venus in Fur

An actress will do anything in an attempt to prove to a high profile director that she is the best woman for the job.

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