7 Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes ...


7 Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes ...
7 Movies That Inspired Real Life Crimes ...

Personally I am a big fan of horror/thriller movies, especially the ones with twisted psychological plots that really get your gears going. However, there are some people that enjoy these movies so much that they take it upon themselves to bring it to life and as a result put many innocent lives in danger. Here are a just few of many movies that inspired real life crimes.

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In 2012, Benjamin Scott, inspired by the Saw horror movies slashed and stabbed his neighbor at least 120 times in the eyes, head, face and back after a small argument. Scott had a long history of mental illness. Just days before the attack, he was admitted to a health facility for psychiatric treatment but was unfortunately discharged while unstable. He was then sentenced to a minimum of 15 years for manslaughter.


Fight Club

Kyle Shaw was vocally open about mimicking the plot of the movie “Fight Club”. He planned on creating his own “Project Mayhem” in order to take down American capitalism. His crime consisted of setting off a homemade bomb made from fireworks outside of a Starbucks store, as a sign of his desire for destruction of corporate America.



Dexter served as inspiration for more than one crime, but the most disturbing one of them all was the one committed by Steven Miles. As a fan of Dexter, Miles brutally murdered his girlfriend in a very similar fashion to how Dexter deals with his victims on the show. He stabbed her in the head, dismembered her body and put the parts in a trash bag…


The Dark Knight

One of the many joker-inspired attacks occurred in 2009, when a student at Indiana High School excused herself to the bathroom to apply the trademark joker make-up and slice her cheeks to mimic his smile. She then attempted to attack her Spanish teacher with a razor blade, who hid behind her desk and blocked herself with a chair until help arrived.



In 2001, Thierry Jaradin, a Belgian truck driver, attempted to make a move on a 15-year-old girl a few houses down from his on. Once rejected, Jaradin put on his Scream costume, grabbed two giant kitchen knives and stabbed the girl 30 times. After the attack, he placed the corpse on his bed and put a rise in one of her hands.


American Psycho

Merrill Lynch, a 29-year-old wealthy equity trader led a similar lifestyle to that of Patrick Bateman’s from “American Psycho”. He dined with beautiful women in high class restaurants around the word, treated himself to expensive skiing holidays and private members’ club. In 2014, he was arrested for the murder of two Indonesian prostitutes, whose bodies were found on his living room floor and stuffed inside a suitcase on the balcony.


The Town

In order to imitate the role of Ben Affleck in “The Town”, a couple from Illinois wore nun masks while robbing a bank. The individuals were heavily armed but did not fire shots when going through with the crime. While they did escape with $100,000, thankfully they were eventually caught.

With so many deranged minds imitating art, the world is becoming a scary place. Let’s keep the horror on the screen guys!

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