17 Must Watch Movies for Girls Who Want Dark Ominous Love Stories ...


17 Must Watch Movies for Girls Who Want Dark Ominous Love Stories ...
17 Must Watch Movies for Girls Who Want Dark Ominous Love Stories ...

You know when a romcom or a fluffy, safe romance just doesn’t cut it? You want action and suspense. You want thrilling and passionate but you don’t want a shoot-em up fest. Immerse yourself into the enthralling world of obsessive love, intense passion and magnetic attraction for a movie experience that stirs the soul and makes you a little bit frightened about the power of love.

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The Piano Teacher

A dark story about a repressed middle-aged Austrian piano teacher who begins an illicit and dangerous affair with one of her teenage students.


The Piano Teacher is a 2001 Austrian psychological drama film directed by Michael Haneke. It stars Isabelle Huppert as Erika Kohut, a repressed, middle-aged piano teacher who begins an illicit and dangerous affair with one of her teenage students, Walter Klemmer, played by Benoît Magimel. The film is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Nobel Prize-winning Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek. It won the Grand Prix at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 74th Academy Awards. The Piano Teacher is a compelling story of obsession and forbidden desire that explores the dark side of human relationships.



Michael Fassbender stars as a successful New Yorker who lives a seemingly normal life but hides a secret of gratuitous sex addiction that makes him numb to pretty much all human emotion.


Michael Fassbender's chilling performance draws us deep into the psyche of a man ensnared by his own desires. "Shame" intelligently explores themes of intimacy, control, and the consuming nature of addiction. As Fassbender's character spirals, director Steve McQueen's uncompromising vision ensures that the audience is not spared from the harsh reality of love that is anything but tender. Co-starring Carey Mulligan as his troubled sister, their dynamic adds a layer of complexity, revealing that the bonds of family can be both a curse and a pathway to potential redemption. This film is not for the faint-hearted but is a must-see for those who appreciate a raw, unfiltered look at human fragility.

Frequently asked questions

Dark ominous love stories are movies that show romantic relationships with a mysterious or threatening feeling, often including suspense or a sense of danger.

Some girls might enjoy dark ominous love stories because they offer intense emotions, complex characters, and unpredictable plots that keep them engaged and entertained.

One example of a dark ominous love story is 'Crimson Peak,' which combines romance with gothic horror elements.

No, these movies are not usually suitable for all ages due to their dark themes, scary scenes, and sometimes mature content. They are more appropriate for older teens and adults.

You can find good movies by searching online for recommendations, reading reviews, or asking friends for suggestions. Look for movies with genres like gothic romance or psychological thrillers.



An upper-class British politician lives in a dull marriage that is turned upside when he succumbs to the temptation of a passionate affair with his son’s fiancée.


This torrid encounter spirals into a whirlwind of secrecy and betrayal, threatening to unravel not only his familial ties but also his esteemed political career. As the web of deceit grows, the protagonist must navigate the murky waters of his own morality, facing the stark reality of the consequences that come with forbidden love. Damage, starring Jeremy Irons, delicately explores the complexities of illicit desire and the high cost of yielding to it, making it an essential addition to any playlist for those who revel in the darker shades of romance.


Body Heat

William Hurt plays a powerful lawyer who begins a risky affair with the wife of a wealth Florida businessman. Kathleen Turner gives a career defining performance as the seductress.


Their forbidden passion unspools in a sultry Floridian landscape, building tension with every illicit encounter. As their clandestine romance escalates, "Body Heat" simmers with suspense and sensuality, redefining the neo-noir genre. The steamy narrative weaves through twists and double-crosses, leading viewers along a path where desire and deceit intertwine. Turner's smoldering femme fatale performance opposite Hurt's entangled protagonist captivates, ensuring this film's place as an essential watch for lovers of mysterious romantic thrillers.



A literary classic brought to life in this 1997 remake starring Jeremy Irons about an adult man who develops a dangerous obsession with a young girl, who worryingly reciprocates.


The film, an adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's provocative novel, plunges into the murky depths of forbidden love and obsession, skilfully capturing the unsettling narrative of Humbert Humbert's infatuation. Irons delivers a chilling performance, complemented by Dominique Swain's portrayal of the innocent yet precocious Dolores "Lolita" Haze. This rendition navigates the complex emotions and societal taboos, unsettling viewers as it blurs lines between victim and perpetrator, passion and perversion. An essential watch for those who can brace themselves for a story that both disturbs and fascinates, leaving a lasting impression long after the credits roll.


Boxing Helena

A real ‘romantic’ mystery movie about a rich surgeon played by Julian Sands who begins operating on the object of his obsession - his aloof and immensely disfigured neighbor played by Sherilyn Fenn.


Boxing Helena is a 1993 American romantic mystery film directed by Jennifer Lynch. It stars Julian Sands, Sherilyn Fenn, and Bill Paxton. The story follows a rich surgeon, played by Sands, who becomes obsessed with his aloof and disfigured neighbor, played by Fenn. In an effort to make her his own, he amputates her limbs and confines her to his home. The film was met with mixed reviews, but has since become a cult classic. It is a perfect movie for girls who want dark and ominous love stories, as it explores the depths of obsession and what happens when it is taken too far.



Mark Rylance plays a man who decides that he wants to get to know more about the mysterious woman with whom he has weekly sexual encounters.


In the film "Intimacy", Mark Rylance's character struggles with the idea of love and intimacy as he embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of his weekly sexual partner. The film explores themes of loneliness, desire, and the complexities of human connection. It received critical acclaim for its raw and honest portrayal of relationships and was nominated for several awards, including the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Patrice Chéreau, "Intimacy" is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that delves into the dark and mysterious aspects of love and intimacy.


Original Sin

Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie sizzle on screen together as a married couple who seem to want to take their relationship to the absolute limit in all senses.


Their passionate portrayal in Original Sin delves into a world of deceit and desire, with an intoxicating narrative that lures you in with every twist and turn. Banderas' intense charisma meets Jolie's enigmatic allure, presenting a tumultuous dance of characters entwined in a dark love affair. This film embodies the fervor of gothic romance and the unpredictable nature of a thriller, making it a favorite for those who revel in stories where love walks a razor's edge between destruction and bliss.


Belle De Seigneur (the Passion of War)

Set in the turbulent period of growing Fascism in 20th century Europe, a high-ranking Jewish officer begins a doomed affair with a married woman.


Caught in the entanglement of illicit passion and the shadows of impending conflict, their dangerously intoxicating liaison unfolds. As the world around them descends into chaos, the lovers are swept up in a tide of desire and transgression, defying social norms and the looming threat of war. With every stolen moment, they march further towards their inevitable heartbreak, embodying a romance that is as compelling as it is tragically flawed. This cinematic journey invites viewers into a bittersweet saga of love against all odds, painting every frame with the deep hues of forbidden love and the dark stain of historical doom.



Sharon Stone plays a book editor who unwittingly becomes involved with the prime suspect in a serial killer investigation that has seen grisly deaths of several innocent women.


In this intense thriller, Sharon Stone's character must navigate a dangerous and twisted relationship with a potential killer while also facing personal demons and societal pressures as a successful woman in a male-dominated industry. The film delves into themes of power dynamics, manipulation, and the blurred lines between love and obsession. With a star-studded cast and a gripping plot, "Sliver" is a must-watch for anyone looking for a dark and ominous love story with a strong female lead. Released in 1993, the film received mixed reviews but has gained a cult following for its bold and provocative take on the thriller genre.



Reese Witherspoon plays a 16-year-old who begins a relationship with a seemingly sweet 23-year-old (Mark Wahlberg), who wins over her family with the exception of her father who can sense a disturbing undertone.


Fear is a 1996 psychological thriller starring Reese Witherspoon as a 16-year-old girl who falls for a 23-year-old man (Mark Wahlberg). Despite being taken in by her family, her father senses something sinister in the relationship. The movie is full of dark and ominous undertones as the couple's relationship progresses. It was written and directed by James Foley and based on the novel by Francine Prose. It was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Reese Witherspoon. Fear is a must-watch movie for girls who want to explore dark love stories and the power of fear in relationships.


The Piano

An intense masterpiece about a mute woman and her daughter who emigrate to New Zealand, with the mute woman sold into marriage yet unavoidably attracted to another.


Beautiful Creatures

A young Kate Winslet stars in this disturbing film about an intense female teenage friendship and the devastation that is causes for both sets of families involved.


In Beautiful Creatures, the plot twists through a series of dark and compelling events that elevate this friendship into a more sinister realm, making it a perfect addition to any watchlist that favors the shadowy side of love and companionship. As the film unravels, Winslet's character becomes embroiled in schemes that test the boundaries of loyalty and morality, resulting in a chilling narrative that lingers with the audience long after the credits roll. It's a gripping portrayal of how intense relationships can lead not only to profound connections but also to unforeseen consequences.



An erotic thriller starring Richard Gere about a man who discovers his wife has been unfaithful and falls down a rabbit hole of unpleasant discovery.


In Unfaithful, Diane Lane delivers a captivating performance as Connie, a woman whose illicit affair sends her life into a tumultuous spiral. This gripping tale exemplifies the destructive power of deception and the dark turns love can take. Directed by Adrian Lyne, known for his exploration into the complexities of intimacy, the film delves into the emotional and psychological consequences of betrayal that resonate with anyone who's grappled with the boundaries of commitment. Expect heart-pounding suspense and a raw look at the temptations that can throw even the most seemingly stable relationships off balance.


Lie with Me

Two passionate people meet at a club and immediately fall in to an intense and consuming romance, but they soon start to discover all the ramifications of being so careless in love.


"Lie with Me" plunges the audience into a beautifully tragic portrayal of what happens when passion eclipses reason. The couple's whirlwind affair, laden with raw emotional intensity and palpable chemistry, swiftly transitions from ecstasy to an array of challenges. As their love story unfolds, it forces the viewer to confront the darker shades of love—the jealousy, the obsession, and the emotional turmoil. It's a stark reminder that not all love stories are fairytale romances and sometimes, the deepest connections lead to the most complicated consequences. Recommended for those who don't shy away from love's complex, shadowy corners.


Blue Velvet

A brilliant thriller starring Dennis Hopper as a sexually depraved psychopath at the center of a strange criminal investigation.


David Lynch's masterpiece weaves an unsettling love story as Kyle MacLachlan's character Jeffrey stumbles upon a severed ear and gets drawn into a nightmarish underworld. The film's intricate plot is a tapestry of innocence clashing with corruption, compelling viewers to ponder the shadows lurking beneath suburban America. Isabella Rossellini's portrayal of a tormented lounge singer creates a haunting romance with MacLachlan, their chemistry illuminating the screen amidst the terror. "Blue Velvet" remains an intense cinematic experience, offering a macabre twist on what might superficially appear to be a traditional love tale.


Last Tango in Paris

After the suicide of his wife, a man played by Marlon Brando begins a sordid and emotionally detached affair with a young woman where he revels in testing the boundaries and limits of their relationship.

If you watched all of these one after another it would leave you thinking how dark and sordid love can be. They’re certainly different to happy ever after stories.

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