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Inspiring Movies about Love Based on True Life Events ...

By Lyndsie

Sometimes, a movie 🎥 can be so inspiring and so different that it can't be true – that's not the case 💼 in these movies! They are 100% true and yes, things have been changed in the movie 🎥 to make it more appealing, but the core and heart 💓 of the movie 🎥 is a true story.

1 The Vow

Yes, this is a true story and in general, I don't like 👌 rom-coms but this movie 🎥 got me. Heather made me watch ⌚ it and it is all about a young couple 💏 that got in a car 🚗 accident and as a result of that, the wife loses all of her memories for the past 18 months. Her husband had to convince her to fall 🍂 in love 💟 with him all over again. Spoiler alert: they end up 🆙 together!

2 The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is such an inspiration to all of us and this story really opened up 👆 my eyes 👀 to what he was all about and how he fell in love. This movie 🎥 was based off 📴 of his love ❤️ for a philology student. Due to his progressing disease though, he begins to lose control completely of his body and the love 💞 that is shown through this movie 🎥 is breathtaking and heartbreaking.

3 A Beautiful Mind

If you haven't seen this movie, it is a must-see, no, really, right 👉 now. Not only is this movie 🎥 played by the amazing Russell Crowe, but it is all about the unbelievable achievements and the hard times that a genius has to face. This movie 🎥 has a love 😚 story at the heart 💔 of it and it shows pure love 😽 when he marries Jennifer Connolly's character.

4 It Could Happen to You

I wish 🌠 that this movie 🎥 would happen to me! What happens when a NYC 🗽 police 👮🏿 officer 🛃 offers to split his lottery winnings with a waitress? And then he wins 6 million dollars? Watch ⌚ the story and find out. It's a true story too!

5 Fever Pitch

I love 💚 New 🆕 England 🇬🇧 and because I live there, I had to include this incredible film 🎬 (the remake, not the UK 🇬🇧 original!). This movie 🎥 is based on 🔘 Nick Horby's 1992 essay 📝 which shares a title with the movie. It is about a man 👤 who is obsessed 💏 with the Boston Red ⭕ Sox and it goes on 🔘 from there. In the UK 🇬🇧 version, it was soccer (or football 🏉 for the Brits!).

6 Boys Don't Cry

This is one 1️⃣ that I had to put on 🔘 the list because Hilary Swank won my heart. She plays a transgender boy 👱🏼 who falls for a girl. This movie 🎥 might be in the drama 🎭 category but it is still a true story and it is definitely worth the watch ⌚ – just get the tissues ready and then watch ⌚ the real Brandon Teena story on 🔘 Hulu.

7 The Notebook

Now, this is something I didn't know, The Notebook 📒 was based off 📴 of Nicholas Sparks' love 💑 story of his wife's grandparents. This movie 🎥 is breathtaking, heartbreaking and can really melt ❄️ anyone into a pile 📚 of tears. If you haven't seen it, you've got to see it now – no, really, it's on 🔘 Netflix probably.

8 Eat, Pray, Love

This is such an inspiring movie 🎥 and it immediately made Heather want to travel 🚌 the world. Elizabeth Gilbert tells us that there are opportunities out there to change the world. She finds happiness 😊 throughout the travel 🛃 and she does find someone that inspires her too.

Now that you've seen these real life love 💞 stories, where is yours? Have you started to create it yet?

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