Inspiring Movies about Love Based on True Life Events ...


Inspiring Movies about Love Based on True Life Events ...
Inspiring Movies about Love Based on True Life Events ...

Sometimes, a movie 🎥 can be so inspiring and so different that it can't be true – that's not the case 💼 in these movies! They are 100% true and yes, things have been changed in the movie 🎥 to make it more appealing, but the core and heart 💓 of the movie 🎥 is a true story.

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The Vow

Yes, this is a true story and in general, I don't like 👌 rom-coms but this movie 🎥 got me. Heather made me watch ⌚ it and it is all about a young couple 💏 that got in a car 🚗 accident and as a result of that, the wife loses all of her memories for the past 18 months. Her husband had to convince her to fall 🍂 in love 💟 with him all over again. Spoiler alert: they end up 🆙 together!


The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is such an inspiration to all of us and this story really opened up 👆 my eyes 👀 to what he was all about and how he fell in love. This movie 🎥 was based off 📴 of his love ❤️ for a philology student. Due to his progressing disease though, he begins to lose control completely of his body and the love 💞 that is shown through this movie 🎥 is breathtaking and heartbreaking.


A Beautiful Mind

If you haven't seen this movie, it is a must-see, no, really, right 👉 now. Not only is this movie 🎥 played by the amazing Russell Crowe, but it is all about the unbelievable achievements and the hard times that a genius has to face. This movie 🎥 has a love 😚 story at the heart 💔 of it and it shows pure love 😽 when he marries Jennifer Connolly's character.


It Could Happen to You

I wish 🌠 that this movie 🎥 would happen to me! What happens when a NYC 🗽 police 👮🏿 officer 🛃 offers to split his lottery winnings with a waitress? And then he wins 6 million dollars? Watch ⌚ the story and find out. It's a true story too!


Fever Pitch

I love 💚 New 🆕 England 🇬🇧 and because I live there, I had to include this incredible film 🎬 (the remake, not the UK 🇬🇧 original!). This movie 🎥 is based on 🔘 Nick Horby's 1992 essay 📝 which shares a title with the movie. It is about a man 👤 who is obsessed 💏 with the Boston Red ⭕ Sox and it goes on 🔘 from there. In the UK 🇬🇧 version, it was soccer (or football 🏉 for the Brits!).


Boys Don't Cry

This is one 1️⃣ that I had to put on 🔘 the list because Hilary Swank won my heart. She plays a transgender boy 👱🏼 who falls for a girl. This movie 🎥 might be in the drama 🎭 category but it is still a true story and it is definitely worth the watch ⌚ – just get the tissues ready and then watch ⌚ the real Brandon Teena story on 🔘 Hulu.


The Notebook

Now, this is something I didn't know, The Notebook 📒 was based off 📴 of Nicholas Sparks' love 💑 story of his wife's grandparents. This movie 🎥 is breathtaking, heartbreaking and can really melt ❄️ anyone into a pile 📚 of tears. If you haven't seen it, you've got to see it now – no, really, it's on 🔘 Netflix probably.


Eat, Pray, Love

This is such an inspiring movie 🎥 and it immediately made Heather want to travel 🚌 the world. Elizabeth Gilbert tells us that there are opportunities out there to change the world. She finds happiness 😊 throughout the travel 🛃 and she does find someone that inspires her too.

Now that you've seen these real life love 💞 stories, where is yours? Have you started to create it yet?

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