These Amazing Films Are All about Female Friendships ...


These Amazing Films Are All about Female Friendships ...
These Amazing Films Are All about Female Friendships ...

I think every woman needs a group of female friends. I'm absolutely not discounting the value of friendships with guys or people who identify as non-binary, I just think that … I don't know, I just think that now more than ever, women need to be there for each other. That's one of the reasons I love movies that celebrate female friendships, in addition to the fact that I just love seeing women in leading roles. The following films are all about female friendships and what they offer. Make sure you add your favorite movies, too!

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Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Romy and Michele's antics are funny, as is their mission to dominate their high school reunion by any means necessary, but their friendship is the real plot point. They've been together since high school. When we meet them, we can see that they've easily been friends for over a decade. That's longer than most relationships last these days, honestly. The best lesson they learn is that nothing is good enough or worthy enough to come between them. Their bond is stronger than popularity, wealth, and even romantic love.



It's all too easy to pass off Bridesmaids as a somewhat raunchy comedy, but it's so much more than diarrhea jokes. In the first place, the cast is comprised of strong women (also, I want Maya Rudolph to be my BFF). In the second place, the focus is on friendships, old and new, and how they transition over time – but, as you see, that doesn't mean you have to lose what you have.


Steel Magnolias

This is probably my favorite movie about female friendships ever. I'm such a sucker for Steel Magnolias. This movie actually reveals the essential need for friendship, for a group who understands you, empathizes with you, and supports you as you experience triumphs, tragedies, and celebrations. Also, I have a distinct feeling that I'm going to grow up to be Ouiser.


The Help

The Help took an altogether different approach to friendships by showing that, sometimes, you outgrow your friends … and sometimes you simply have to cut them off at the root because they turn toxic. It never feels great, but when it's the right choice, you feel lighter, freer, and cleaner afterward. More important than the crumbling friendship between Skeeter and her racist friends, however, is the sisterhood between Aibileen and Minny – it's so much more pronounced in the novel, though.



Sure, on the surface, Clueless just looks like that goofy '90s movie we all love. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll find plenty of clues that it's all about the friendship between Cher, Dionne, and Tai. Actually, the same is true for films like Mean Girls, although the message there is … well, a little darker, to say the least.


The First Wives Club

This movie and the novel on which it's based both prove why female friendships are so important – at every stage of your life. There will come a time when you will need to reach out for help and rely on the support of others. There will come a time when your friends stand up for you and you stand up for your friends.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

You might not have a magical pair of pants, but you can still have a sisterhood. I love the message this movie sends about long-distance friendships, which can be difficult but not impossible to maintain. It's worth it, though. Keeping up with each other across the miles means so much.


Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Oh, I adore this movie. I love the book more, but the movie gets the message across. The Ya-Yas, to me, are true friendship goals. Every time I watch the film or reread the novel, I always feel a pang of regret that I've likely lost my chance to form my own group of Ya-Yas.

There are so many movies that celebrate female friendship, though. What are your favorites?

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@Payton yesss I love both movies!!

But what about Beaches?! Starring Bette Midler(also in The First Wives Club😝)!

Miss you already

Friends are great

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