The Most Tear-jerking Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Cry ...


The Most Tear-jerking Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Cry ...
The Most Tear-jerking Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Cry ...

A good cry is sometimes all a girl (or guy!) needs to be herself again- and sad movies are the way to go! Romance, drama, hardship and death- there's a category of interest for everyone wishing to dive into a tear-jerking flick. Some of these titles, all available on Netflix, are not for the faint of heart so be prepared! Reach for the box of tissues, because you're going to need it!

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An Affair to Remember (1957)

An old classic, considered one of the most romantic movies of all time, this film stars Nickie (Cary Grant) and Terry (Deberah Kerr). The two meet on board a cruise ship sailing from Eruope to New York and their friendship soon turns into romance. Although both engaged, they decide to meet in 6 months after they've ended their other relationships. Terry is met with a terrible accident and doesn't show, leaving Nickie to feel rejected. Will these two ever meet again and spark up their romance?
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A Walk to Remember (2002)

A romantic drama, this movie entails a heartwarming yet tragic love story between two very opposite people. Landon Carter (Shane West) is the rebellious and popular teen who frequently mocks the quiet, religious girl Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). When the two join together for their school play, romance is sparked. As Landon changes his ways and falls more deeply for Jamie, he discovers something devastating and the two cling to each other, despite their tragic future.
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The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This film is a biographical drama that features the father-son duo Chris Gardner (Will Smith) and Christopher Jr. (Jaden Smith). After continued financial set-backs, his wife abandons him and their son and heads to New York. Chris Gardner finds himself homeless with his son, struggling to sell all of his bone density scanners, which he previously had invested all his money into. Eventually, he lands a highly competitive unpaid broker internship, all the while concealing his homeless status.
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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)

This incredibly sad Holocaust drama is set in Berlin and focuses on the lives of two young boys. Buno (Asa Butterfield), lives with his family on the outside of a German concentration camp where his father works as a commandant. Bruno meets an 8 year old Jewish boy, Schmuel (Jack Scanlon), within the confines of the camp and they become friends. Blinded by the realities of Nazi Germany, we see through their eyes the horrors of WWII.
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Remembrance (2011)

This WWII German drama/romance features Tomasz Limanowski (Mateusz Damięcki), a captured member of the Polish resistance, and Hannah Silberstein (Alice Dwyer) a young German Jew in the work camp. They manage to escape the polish concentration camp and later on, due to unforeseen trials, the lovers separate, each believing the other is dead. The film transitions back and forth from Poland in 1944 to New York in 1976, where the two lead separate lives and eventually meet again.
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Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Staring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, the movie centers on Pat Solitano, a bipolar man who's goal is to win back his estranged wife. He moves back with his parents after being treated at a psychiatric facility and eventually meets widow Tiffany Maxwell, portrayed by J.Law. They both have problems of their own but end up falling for each other!
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Fruitvale Station (2013)

Arguably one of the more relevant dramas concerning the Black Lives Matter movement, this biographical film features 22 year old Oscar Grant III (Michael B. Jordan) who was fatally shot by police in Fruitvale BART station, early New Year's Day 2009. The movie depicts his last day, celebrating New Years, before he was detained by police in the midst of a personal fight. He was unarmed. The case sparked protests and the officers involved were fired, however the one who shot Grant only served 11 months for involuntary manslaughter.
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Netflix is known for taking away awesome movies and shows, so if one or all of these movies strike your interest, watch them now before they're gone!

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