The Ultimate List of Travel Movies for Girls Dreaming of Adventures ...


The Ultimate List of Travel Movies for Girls Dreaming of Adventures ...
The Ultimate List of Travel Movies for Girls Dreaming of Adventures ...

I confess sometimes I will watch a movie, not because I’m interested in the story or the actors starring in it, but because of the location(s). For example, I watched a film called Tracker – the story wasn’t compelling but the New Zealand scenery was mesmerizing. Movies give us not just beautiful locations, but often a little insight into a different culture. If you want to feed your wanderlust, these are some of the movies to watch:

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Eat, Pray, Love

Of course, this one had to be on the list! Julie Roberts goes on a journey of self-discovery that involves great food, great company and some of the most beautiful natural sights and landscapes in the world.


Roman Holiday

It’s an oldie but it’s definitely still a goodie! Audrey Hepburn plays a princess who escapes her guards and spends a day with an American reporter, taking in all of the glorious sights and sounds of the Italian city as they fall in love.


Lost in Translation

A great movie about a man and a woman who, feeling disconnected from everything around them, escape together in to the heart of Tokyo to make memories together with the backdrop of the city as their canvas.


Whale Rider

A cult from the early 2000s, this movie will have you falling in love with Maori culture and want to book the next flight out to New Zealand to discover some of it for yourself.


Lord of the Rings

And speaking of New Zealand, the epic fantasy series is obviously set in Middle Earth, but the glorious backdrop of New Zealand made up much of the movie’s setting, and the stunning scenery is something that film lovers still talk about to this day.


Into the Wild

As well as being a display of some of the most beautiful untouched natural beauty of the USA, Into The Wild can also be seen as a reminder that sometimes travel is not about what we take with us, but about what we take inside.


In Bruges

This hilariously dark comedy isn’t so much about promoting the beauty of Bruges, but you can’t help but be impressed by the film’s backdrop amidst all of the carnage that is taking place on screen!


Under the Tuscan Sun

One of the classic Diane Lane romance movies, this time about a woman who feels lost in life so decides to go and try to find some meaning in the sun filled region of Tuscany.


Mamma Mia

Not only does this movie make you want to get up and dance, but it also makes you want to travel to the beautiful looking Greek islands that make up the setting for the much loved ABBA inspired musical.


Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee is pretty much everybody’s secret guilty pleasure, and while the movies are pretty dumb, they actually gave many young Americans their first taste of the natural beauty of Australia!


Up in the Air

This is a great movie for anybody who spends most of their life at an airport going from one place to the other, just as George Clooney’s character does.


The Beach

Though the details of the plot are downright sinister as the movie goes on, what cannot be denied is that The Beach makes every single one of us want to travel to experience the wonders of Thailand for ourselves!


The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie follows the life of Che Guevara, but it’s on this list because it showcases the very best of images of South America, from hot deserts to steamy rainforests.


The Indiana Jones Series

We all love a good adventure, and nothing makes you want to grab your hiking boots and your trusty whip and venture out in to the unknown quite like a rip roaring Indiana Jones movie! My personal favorite is Raiders of the Lost Ark!


Thelma and Louise

Though their circumstances are rather dire, Thelma and Louise make being on the run for murder look like the most beautiful kind of road trip you could ever take!


Lawrence of Arabia

Some of the desert wide shots used in Lawrence of Arabia are arguably some of the greatest movie scenes in the history of cinema. The movie is an undeniable classic, as is the infamous setting.


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

This insane Australian cult classic has recently been made in to a stage musical, but I would recommend watching the movie so that you can see all of the awesome Australian outback that is featured as part of the adventure.


A Good Year

Russell Crowe plays a cynical business man whose life changes when uncle dies. He visits his inherited vineyard with the intention of selling it, but instead falls in love with the scenery and a beautiful French woman!


Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen shows of Paris in its very best light throughout this move, moonlight. You can literally feel the city breathing as the characters walk through the streets.

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