9 Cute Princess Movies Every Girl Should See Once ...


Did you dream about being a princess when you were young? Or maybe you still secretly love the idea (what's a wedding dress if not a princess fantasy!). So grab a bucket of popcorn, make yourself comfortable on the sofa, and bring that dream back to life with one of these movies about princesses …

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Yes, there still are people who haven't seen the ubiquitous Frozen (including me). It certainly was a huge hit with younger viewers, leading to a flood of Elsa impersonators doing birthday parties. But you don't need to be a young tot to enjoy this modern fairytale, so grab your Elsa wig and sing along!


The Princess Bride

This movie is a favorite among many older folks, so if you haven't yet seen it you're in for a treat. It's a humorous tale that has many quotable lines, and you'll enjoy spotting some well-known stars in their much younger days.


The Princess Diaries

Imagine finding out you're a princess (even if it is only a very small country). That's what happens to Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries. Yes, it's pretty much the standard ugly-duckling-turned-swan nonsense, but good if you're in the mood for a modern Cinderella-type tale.



Pocahontas may not be hot on historical accuracy, but that's not what you want from a princess movie. Her story is fascinating though, so after watching the movie why not find out some more about the real woman?


Young Victoria

Now for a real-life princess! Queen Victoria of Great Britain is often portrayed only as the staid widow in black, but in fact was quite a lively young woman who particularly enjoyed the bedroom side of marriage! This movie dramatises her earlier life, starting with the years before she became queen.



If you can get past the rather gruesome opening scene, here's another movie about a real-life princess and queen. Elizabeth Tudor had a very dramatic childhood and early life, before coming to the throne aged 25 and becoming England's greatest ever ruler. Also worth checking out is the TV series 'The Virgin Queen'.


The Princess and the Frog

You can always rely on Disney to come up with a ready supply of princess movies. Here's a retelling of the classic fairy tale about the princess who kisses a frog … but there's a twist in the tale here!



If you prefer your princesses to be action heroines rather than hanging around in ball gowns waiting for a prince, then you'll love Brave. The heroine of this animated movie definitely isn't your archetypal passive princess. But her desire to escape from the norm gets her into trouble …



The princess story that everyone loves is Cinderella. The animated version is an absolute classic, but just out is this live-action big-budget version. Which would you prefer - do you love classic animation, or is the story ripe for a retelling?

Princess movies will always be popular; who doesn't love to see beautiful gowns and palaces? These movies are also about falling in love, and triumphing over adversity. They allow us to escape for a couple of hours into a fantasy world, where everything turns out happy, and what's wrong with that? Nothing! What's your favorite princess movie?

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Is it a good film? :)

Disney meant to present Mulan as a woman who has the traits as a princess should but she is not one.

Ever After with Drew Barrymore

Never see Pocahontas she was 12 when she saved John Smith she did NOT marry him she married John Rolfe she changed her name to Rebecca and she died on her way to England

Thumbelina should be on that list. I love that film

Hellooooo.... Ever After with Drew Barrymore!!! My all time favorite!!

I would take out Cinderella and replace it with Mulan. But then I'm not sure if Mulan is a princess?

The older Cinderella with Leslie Warren and Damon Stewart will always be my most favorite. No other remake compares.

Love The Princess Bride!

Love brave .. My fav Merida

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