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Do you love a good fight scene? You may wince as the blows rain home, but in martial arts movies the fighting can be beautiful as well as bruising. Martial arts in the movies are more a dance than a brawl and when they’re part of a good story, you’ve got the makings for some good entertainment. Here are some kick ass martial arts movies. Take a read and let me know what you think at the end.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

I think this firmly set martial arts into mainstream cinema – especially for women. Where once we’d seen brutality, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon brought us the beauty of martial arts. Ang Lee’s directorial masterpiece is full of stunning fight choreography and it is a cinematographic delight of evocative scenery and costume. Earning a nomination for Best Picture Oscar, this is a movie for anyone who thinks martial art is merely fighting.
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Enter the Dragon (1973)

Despite his very short career, Bruce Lee is still considered the master among all martial artists who have appeared in movies. Every “best of” list featuring martial arts movies will contain Enter the Dragon. Despite now being more than 40 years old, this movie is still held by many as the best martial arts movie ever. It is legend!
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Shanghai Knights

I know purists are going to argue about including such fluff, but I never claimed this is a list of the best martial arts movies. I’m picking films I like and think you will enjoy. I am not ashamed to say I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan and I love his Hollywood films (except the awful Spy Next Door) more than his Hong Kong films. Should I have picked any of the Rush Hour three or even the prequel to this one, Shanghai Noon? I’d happily pick all, but I’ve gone with this for the fight scene in the market and the fight scene on the Thames barge. Plus the wisecracks and sidelines and the pillow fight scene are pretty funny too.
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Hero (2002)

This movie is another visual feast. I know that many martial arts fans are kinda disappointed by Jet Li’s movies but not this one (along with Once Upon a Time in China). The movie is beautiful and atmospheric . The fight scenes are stunningly choreographed – especially the scene in the library. Definitely one to watch.
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Kill Bill Vol I (2003)

There’s no denying that Quentin Tarantino knows a thing or two about portraying violence on film. Oft shocking, most times brutal, in Kill Bill he brings us kick-ass beauty. And that beauty isn’t just in the masterful fight scenes but in the gorgeous women he cast too – Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Darryl Hanna and Vivica A Fox. There’s also one of the most memorable female costumes too – The Bride’s yellow jumpsuit has become an icon.
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Le Pacte Des Loup (Brotherhood of the Wolf) (2003)

This is one for the adventurous movie watcher. If you’re looking for a movie that is a kung fu epic, a fantasy and a romance, you can lose yourself in the French offering. There’s politics, intrigue, sex, violence and all in excess. Not a classic martial arts movie by any standard but it’s hugely entertaining. You’ll probably recognize Mark Dacascos, whom we last saw as Wo Fat, the nemesis of hunky Steve McGarrett (Yum) in Hawaii 5 0.
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The Karate Kid (1984)

This is an unusual movie in a way because it is not the fights that steal the show but the training. Mr. Miyagi’s methods have become legendary in the annals of film teaching, so much so that everyone understands “wax on, wax off.” It’s a simple story, but a story with heart and a rather good moral tale of how to deal with bullies. A fight film with a happy ending that is more heartwarming than celebratory.
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I’m sorry ladies. I’m sure many of you were expecting to see The Matrix on here but I just couldn’t bring myself to include it. I know it is massively popular but I just never got that movie! Which movies would you have included?

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Liked these movie selections much better than the romantic ones! Keep up the good work:)

@Cathleen I agree! Jackie Chan movies are always so funny and great!

Kill bill is on point !!😌

Sorry, it's included. I think I need an edit button.

Hero. That one I would have included.

I looooove the Brotherhood of the Wolf! Great movie, a good story with cool scenery and wardrobe. And of course, Mark Dacascos shitless is a HUGE plus *bites lips*. Other movies than can be add are Chocolate (a Thai film with a chick naned Yiya Janin or something like that), the Ong Bak trilogy, The Raid 1&2 and the Undisputed series (but just the 2nd and 3rd, the first is about boxing, so I didnt really paid much attention).

Movies about Yip Man are cool

I think anything with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Pat Morita in is worth watching!!!!

Great post! Love it all! :)

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